Inspector Klean

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Inspector Klean
Inspector Klean
Species Human
First appearance "Toupee"
Portrayed by Gary Schwartz
“Okay, guys. You passed the inspection. That's this time!”
Inspector Klean, Toupee

Inspector Klean is a sanitation inspector who works for the Board of Sanitation, appearing in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. He was played by Gary Schwartz.

In the live-action segment "Toupee", Mario and Luigi are cleaning Mario Brothers Plumbing for Inspector Klean's visit. The inspector eventually examines their house, and warns they surely will be evicted. During the inspection, the Ratagator steals his toupee while he is taking some notes, distracted.

When almost concluding the visit, and still not aware his hair is gone, Clog jumps onto the inspector's head, making him angry. When the creature jumps off Inspector Klean, it is revealed that his hair had grown back, much to his pleasure, because according to him he had not hair since he was five years old. As result, he decides to not evict Mario and Luigi and tells them they passed the inspection.