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Not to be confused with Clog Monster.

Clog is a strange hairy creature living in the Mario Brothers Plumbing house during a few episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. He acts as an enemy to the brothers by clogging up pipes (which is where he gets his name) in the Mario Brothers Plumbing building. He has limes for his eyes and is a mess of brown, shaggy hair. In the episode Toupee, it is shown Clog has the ability to grow back lost hair, as shown with Inspector Klean.


  • In Wild Thing, there were two Clogs dancing on the refrigerator, implying that there could be a Clog species.
  • In Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario, Luigi thought that Clog was making a noise, so he caught Clog in a bucket.
  • In Toupee, Mario & Luigi attempt to hide Clog underneath a bucket from Inspector Klean, but fail. Later, he jumps onto Inspector Klean's head and, after Mario and Luigi try and fail to get him off, jumps off and made Inspector Klean's hair grow back.