The Marios Fight Back

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"The Marios Fight Back"
Production number 117
Airdate September 26, 1989
Guest star(s) David Horowitz
Title reference Fight Back! with David Horowitz
Cartoon episode "The Fire of Hercufleas"
Zelda preview "Kiss'n Tell"
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"The Marios Fight Back" is the seventeenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "The Fire of Hercufleas."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are standing nearby as a reporter, David Horowitz, announces into his microphone that he, Mario and Luigi are going to fight back against "shlock". After telling his viewers that he, Mario and Luigi are in Mario and Luigi's home, Horowitz goes on to say that Mario and Luigi's new product, Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner, can dissolve any clogs in three minutes or less.

After Luigi tells the reporter that Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner is the best there is, Horowitz proceeds to show Mario and Luigi a nearby clogged sink, which Mario and Luigi proceed to start working on. As Mario begins to work on the clogged sink, Luigi hands him his wrenches, on a red cloth, as Horowitz looks on. Finishing doing any tool related work on the clogged sink, Mario, after throwing his tools away haphazardly, asks Luigi to give him a can of Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner.

After Luigi throws Mario a can of Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner, from behind his back, Mario begins to pour the Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner into the clogged sink; as Mario pours the Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner into the clogged sink, Horowitz asks him if he is pouring in a bit too much. Mario and Luigi respond to this question by telling the reporter not to worry, as they are, after all, professional plumbers.

As Mario continues to pour Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner into the sink, he proceeds to ask Horowitz if he and Luigi are on national television, to which the reporter responds no, they are not on national television, they are on worldwide television. After he tells Mario and Luigi this, Mario stops pouring Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner and asks Luigi to hand him a rag. Granting Mario's request, Luigi gives him his red cloth, which Mario grabs, after throwing his can of Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner away.

As Mario begins to wipe his dirty hands on Luigi's cloth, he notices Horowitz lying on the floor, slumped against the clogged sink. As Mario and Luigi realize that the reporter has been knocked unconscious by the thrown can of Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner, all they can stutter is "uh-oh!".

As Horowitz still lies slumped against the still clogged sink, Mario and Luigi begin to worry about their business, as the sink is still clogged after all this time, despite them advertising that Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner is the best clog clearer there is. Becoming desperate, Luigi gets the idea to try using some Mario Brothers Plant Food to try unclogging the sink. Opening the can of Mario Brothers Plant Food, Luigi pours a large amount of it into the sink before deciding to leave Mario Brothers Plumbing with Mario, who wants some pizza.

As Mario and Luigi leave the apartment, the clogged sink begins to shake extremely violently as a bizarre, seemingly mutated drain clog begins to climb out of it. As the monster looks at its surroundings, Horowitz finally regains consciousness. Looking around, he notices Mario and Luigi are gone and notices the monster in the sink, which grabs his arm and begins trying to eat it. Managing to pull his arm away from the monster, a scared David Horowitz quickly flees as the monster begins to act crazily.

Returning to their apartment after eating, Mario and Luigi notice that Horowitz is gone and that the sink is cleared and clean and surmise that, after seeing that the sink was cleaned, Horowitz had left the apartment. As Mario and Luigi wander around Mario Brothers Plumbing, they fail to notice the hairy monster following them, until after they announce that Mario Brothers Plumbing works perfectly.

Upon seeing the monster, Mario and Luigi, who are scared stiff, are left to frantically say "uh-oh" as they flee from the monster, who begins trying to chase them.