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This article is about the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode. For the enemy from Wario World, see Magician (enemy).
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
Production number 114
Airdate September 27, 1989
Guest star(s) Harry Blackstone Jr.
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "Count Koopula"
Zelda preview "Kiss 'N Tell"
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"Magician" is the eighteenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!; its corresponding animated episode is "Count Koopula".

Plot synopsis[edit]

At the dinner table in their apartment, Luigi is reading a letter he received from Harry Blackstone Jr. to Mario, who is busy moving a basketball across the table. Reading his letter, Luigi gets a thanks from Harry Blackstone Jr. for his support of him and a note saying that, if Harry Blackstone Jr. was ever in the neighborhood, he could stop by and say hello.

As an amazed Luigi tells Mario that it would be amazing if Harry Blackstone Jr. did come to Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario interrupts Luigi, saying that will never happen. After Mario says this though, a blast of smoke suddenly fills the apartment and Harry Blackstone Jr. himself appears before a surprised Mario and Luigi. Running over to Harry Blackstone Jr., Luigi greets him and is asked by Harry Blackstone Jr. if his magic act is doing well. Luigi responds to Harry Blackstone Jr.'s question by saying that his magic act isn't going so well, saying he's having trouble making things disappear.

After hearing Luigi say this, Harry Blackstone Jr. tells him to show him his act, saying that maybe he can help Luigi with it. Agreeing to Harry Blackstone Jr.'s proposition of helping him, Luigi asks Mario for his basketball, which Mario throws to Luigi. Placing the basketball on a nearby stand, Luigi places a red cloth over it as Harry Blackstone Jr. watches. After this preparation, Luigi starts to say an incantation that will make the basketball vanish, unfortunately, this chant does nothing and the basketball stays in place.

After Luigi's failed demonstration, Harry Blackstone Jr. tells him that the magic words Luigi used were wrongs and decides to tell Luigi the real magic words to make something disappear. Telling Luigi the magic words, Harry Blackstone Jr. watches as Luigi says them and motions towards the basketball which, after Luigi says the magic words, vanishes, surprising both Luigi and Mario.

Congratulating Luigi in his success with his disappearing act, Harry Blackstone Jr. says that he has to leave for a luncheon with Erik Estrada. Before he teleports away though, Harry Blackstone Jr. tells Luigi to be careful with his magic words, saying that can cause a lot of trouble. After Harry Blackstone Jr. leaves, Luigi brags to Mario about how he can make things disappear, before apologizing to him about making his basketball vanish. Mario tells Luigi not to worry though, saying his basketball wasn't actually his, it was Luigi's.

Later, Luigi begins the process of making a bowl of oranges disappear, much to Mario's annoyance. Making the bowl of oranges vanish, Luigi is told by Mario that he has to stop making things vanish, or else there won't be anything left to make disappear. Luigi responds to Mario's remark by arrogantly asking him who died and made him boss, Luigi also threatens to make Mario disappear as well.

Mario, believing Luigi to simply be joking, dares him to make him disappear. Luigi agrees to do this and after placing a red cloth on Mario's head, says the magic words and makes Mario invisible. Soon after being turned invisible, Mario tells Luigi to make him reappear, unfortunately for Mario though, Luigi never learned how to do that. Mario, enraged by this, begins to shove Luigi around.

Afterwards, Luigi, having apparently called Harry Blackstone Jr. back to the apartments, tells him that he has made Mario vanish. After reprimanding Luigi for playing around with the magic words and the invisible Mario explaining that he tried to remind Luigi but couldn't get him to listen, Harry Blackstone Jr. instructs Luigi to repeat some new magic words, which will bring Mario back, after him. Doing as Harry Blackstone Jr. instructs, Luigi succeeds in bringing a somewhat ungrateful Mario back.