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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
Production number 131
Airdate October 30, 1989
Guest star(s) Gary Schwartz
Cartoon episode "The Mark of Zero"
Zelda preview "Stinging a Stinger"
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"Toupee" is the forty-first live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated segment is "The Mark of Zero."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is eating a slice of pizza. Luigi tells him to stop eating and that they must clean up, because otherwise, they will lose the building to Inspector Klean from the Board of Sanitation. Mario tosses out what is left of his pizza and moves the dumpster aside to pick up a newspaper to toss that out as well. He leaves to clean the rest of the basement and more trash falls out of the chute onto the floor.

Luigi then puts a tub over a Clog, who was eating a slice of pizza left on the floor. After a short struggle, Luigi successfully does so and explains to Clog that it is only temporary and that he does not have to worry. The CooKoo Bird then announces an incoming train, which rumbles the basement as it passes over.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Luigi must answer it. He opens the door to find Inspector Klean. When Mario asks him if he has evicted any old ladies recently, to which he responds no and that it is also why he is in such a bad mood. Looking around Mario Brothers Plumbing, though, he feels that it might help put him in a good mood. He accidentally bumps into Luigi. Luigi tries to wipe him, but he shoos him off, revolted.

Noticing an old pizza by the area where the Ratagator lives, the inspector walks over to it. The Ratagator pops out of his home and steals his toupee. Luigi successfully shoos the Ratagator away before the inspector notices. The inspector gets up and subtracts fifty points due to how dirty the basement was. Just then Clog zooms around in the tub Luigi stuck on him earlier. When the inspector asks what is under it, the Mario Bros. try not to answer.

After a brief struggle, Inspector Klean grabs it to find Clog. He then subtracts another hundred points for "keeping slimy pets at a location of business." He tells them they might have to leave Mario Brothers Plumbing for good. Later, while Inspector Klean is doing some calculations, Clog decides to go on top of his head. Inspector Klean feels Clog and asks what it is he feels. Luigi quickly says that it was leaky pipes. Before Mario can deny it, Inspector Klean happily subtracts yet "another" 50 points.

The Ratagator plays with the inspector's toupee. Luigi goes over and tells the Ratagator to fetch a stick, which he throws into his sewer hole. The Ratagator drops the toupee for the stick. Luigi grabs it himself and tells Mario to grab Clog off the inspector's head. Mario calls for him, and he comes over. Mario grabs him, and he then evicts them for "attacking a city official."

Later still, just when he is about to finalize the eviction, Clog decides to come off his head to reveal the inspector's hair had grown back, much to his surprise. While he thinks it was the water from the leaky pipes, Mario tries to explain that it was not, but Luigi elbows him before he does. Inspector Klean goes on to tell them that he had not had hair since he was five years old. He changes his mind about evicting them and tells the Mario Bros. that they passed inspection "this time." Right after Inspector Klean leaves, the brick wall behind the Bros. bursts apart. Relieved, they decide that "when things are right, they're right."