Cher's Poochie

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Cher's Poochie"
Poochie, in Mario's body, tries to get Cher's attention.
Production number 121
Airdate September 21, 1989
Guest star(s) Pam Matteson
Cartoon episode "Brooklyn Bound"
Zelda preview "The White Knight"
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"Cher's Poochie" is the fourteenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Brooklyn Bound."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In their apartment in Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are in the process of repairing a large, complicated device which is called a "Pizza Transformer". Grabbing a plug from the Pizza Transformer, Mario asks Edison, who has just burst forth from his manhole, to plug the Pizza Transformer in. Grabbing the plug, Edison enters his manhole and moves through the floor of Mario Brothers Plumbing and plugs the Pizza Transformer in; after doing this, Edison tells Mario that he has plugged in the Pizza Transformer, which Mario has turned several switches on, causing the hulking machine to flash and glow.

As Mario watches the Pizza Transformer illuminate the room, he is informed by Luigi that the doorbell of the apartment is ringing. Not hearing Luigi, Mario begins to press several buttons on the Pizza Transformer as Luigi, annoyed, decides to go answer the door himself as Mario tells him he hears the doorbell ringing.

Opening the door, Luigi is surprised to find Cher there and quickly closes the door in surprise. Telling Mario that Cher is at the door, Luigi opens it again and Cher walks in with her dog, recognizing Mario and Luigi and saying that her "shower still powers her dish washer". Walking up to Mario, Cher tells him that she has an emergency dimple appointment with her plastic surgeon and asks Mario and Luigi if they can watch her dog, Poochie.

Agreeing to watch Poochie, Luigi hands Mario Poochie's leash and escorts Cher from the apartment, asking for her autograph as well. As Luigi sees Cher off, Mario brings Poochie to the Pizza Transformer and, after telling him to sit several times, decides to show it to him. Turning a switch on the Pizza Transformer, Mario is suddenly blasted by rays of energy and, after being shocked, falls to the floor barking as the nearby Poochie, who has seemingly gained Mario's mind, looks onward.

After Mario and Poochie's exchange of conscious, Luigi suddenly re-enters Mario Brothers Plumbing and tells Mario that he has gained Cher's autograph, right on the cheese of a pizza. Seeing Luigi, Poochie, who is in Mario's body, begins to grab his arm and bark wildly as Luigi asks what he is doing; Mario, who is in Poochie's body, responds that he's sitting nearby, wagging his tail, which startles Luigi. As Luigi stands in place, dumbstruck, Poochie begins to climb the nearby stairs of the apartment, barking and yipping wildly.

Later, Luigi, having discerned that Mario's mind is in Poochie's body, reassures him he'll get his body back, which Poochie is currently using to chase a cat outside Mario Brothers Plumbing. After Mario asks him to scratch a flea on his head, Luigi, after telling Mario to scratch himself, sees Poochie nearby, lying on the floor on. After refusing to scratch Poochie's belly, Luigi suddenly sees Cher enter the room.

At the sight of Cher, Poochie, not realizing he is in Mario's body, begins to paw at Cher; ignoring whom she thinks to be Mario, Cher goes over to "Poochie" and begins to pet him. Though after hearing Poochie talk in Mario's voice, Cher, after screaming, proceeds to faint from surprise and shock.

With Cher lying on the floor, unconscious, Luigi, managing to get both Poochie and Mario to sit near the Pizza Transformer, flips a switch on it. Zapped by the rays of the Pizza Transformer, Mario has his mind taken from Poochie's body and placed back into his own and is glad to be restored back to normal; unfortunately, something went wrong during the Pizza Transformer's mind transference and both Cher and Poochie had somehow exchanged minds, leaving a panicking Mario and Luigi trying to calm a rapidly barking "Cher".