The Mario Monster Mash

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"The Mario Monster Mash"
Mario and Frankenstein's Monster undergo a brain transfer
Production number 105
Airdate September 11, 1989
Guest star(s) Craig Armstrong
Eugene Liebowitz
Title reference "Monster Mash"
Cartoon episode Rolling Down the River
Zelda preview Cold Spells
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"The Mario Monster Mash" is the sixth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The title is based on the song "Monster Mash." Its corresponding animated episode is "Rolling Down the River".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Inside their apartment, Mario and Luigi are in the midst of unpacking a large amount of equipment; Luigi goes on to ask Mario why their new neighbor wants their help in his latest science experiment and proceeds to ask what the neighbor's name is. Looking at a nearby crate, Mario says that the neighbor's name is Dr. Frank N. Stein, from Pennsylvania. Looking at the crate for himself, Luigi corrects Mario, telling him that it is actually from Transylvania.

Its only after reading this information that Luigi comes to a realization, having himself and Mario say Dr. Frank N. Stein fast, Luigi and Mario realize it isn't Dr. Frank N. Stein, its Dr. Frankenstein, the mad scientist of legend. As Mario and Luigi come to this realization, the lights flicker off in the apartment, due to a storm outside.

When the lights turn back on, Mario and Luigi are startled to see a man in the apartment. Asking the man if he is Dr. Frank N. Stein, Mario gets the response from the man that he is; hearing this, Mario asks Dr. Frank N. Stein if he is actually Dr. Frankenstein, the man who created a hideous monster. Answering that he is, Dr. Frankenstein tells Mario that he shouldn't call the monster hideous; asking why, Mario and Luigi are suddenly horrified when an angry monster bursts out of a nearby crate. Dr. Frankenstein goes on to say that the monster is very sensitive about his appearance.

Later, Dr. Frankenstein begins to create a concoction after having converted Mario Brothers Plumbing into a laboratory. As Dr. Frankenstein continues to work on his potion, he tells Mario and Luigi to securely tie-down the monster to an operating table and after some effort, Mario and Luigi succeed in doing so. After Mario and Luigi finish tying the monster down, Dr. Frankenstein approaches with a pair of large shears and measures the monster's head with them, telling Mario and Luigi that he had promised to give the monster a normal, fully-functional, brain earlier. Using his shears, Dr. Frankenstein, after measuring Mario's head, says his brain is the perfect size for the monster's head. Nervously, Mario manages to convince Dr. Frankenstein to not use his brain, Dr. Frankenstein, disappointed, convinces Luigi to leave the apartment to help him find another, normal.

As Luigi and Dr. Frankenstein leave Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario, after telling Luigi to pick-up a few groceries, decides to take a nap on an operating table next to the table the monster is affixed too. As Mario begins to fall asleep, the monster, managing to release one of its arms, begins trying to push a nearby button, which will transfer Mario's brain to it. After several unsuccessful attempts at pushing the button due to interference from a half-awake Mario, the monster succeeds in pushing the button.

Returning to the laboratory several minutes later, Luigi and Dr. Frankenstein, who failed to find a brain, though did manage to get groceries, find Mario and the monster both unconscious. Suddenly, the monster, sounding like Mario, rises from the table while Mario, roaring, rises from the other table. Realizing that Mario and the monster must have switched brains somehow, Luigi begins trying to convince Dr. Frankenstein to return the brains to their appropriate bodies while trying to comfort the now monstrous Mario.

Unfortunately, the brain-switching machine has no more power left and Dr. Frankenstein, desperate, grabs a nearby frying pan and simply bashes Mario and the monster on the head, somehow returning them to normal. As Luigi and Mario embrace, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster begin to leave, with Dr. Frankenstein comforting the monster, saying he's sorry for the monster having such a "horrible" brain in his head briefly.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Attenti ai vicini Beware of the neighbors
Portuguese A Mistura de Mario e o Monstro The mash of Mario and the monster


  • Dr. Frankenstein's name is misspelled as "Dr. Frankenstien" in the credits, despite "Frankenstein's Monster" being spelled correctly.