The Ghoul of my Dreams

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"The Ghoul of my Dreams"
Production number 164
Airdate December 1, 1989
Guest star(s) Cassandra Peterson
Title reference "The girl of my dreams"
Cartoon episode "The Moblins are Revolting" (The Legend of Zelda)
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"The Ghoul of my Dreams" is the sixty-fifth and final live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "The Moblins are Revolting" from The Legend of Zelda. This segment was included on a VHS tape along with the Legend of Zelda episode "Sing for the Unicorn"[1].

Plot synopsis[edit]

Late one night in Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is watching the Movie Macabre on TV, which is hosted by Elvira. Mario declines Luigi's advice to go to bed, but he soon falls asleep and starts having a dream.

In his dream, Mario finds Elvira standing in Edison's manhole, where she is being held down by the bandaged arms of a mummy. Mario eventually gets Elvira out of the hole, but then has to deal with the mummy when it climbs out.

Mario and Elvira argue on how to get rid of the mummy, but eventually the mummy grabs one of Elvira's arms. Mario grabs her other arm and engages in a game of tug o' war with the Mummy. Mario then notices that one of the mummy's bandages is loose, so he unravels it, revealing that the mummy is actually Luigi.

Mario introduces Luigi and Elvira to each other, but Elvira, who has seen enough craziness for one day, decides to leave. Mario then scolds Luigi for his behavior, telling him that he could have hurt somebody; Luigi says, "Exactly!" and starts to strangle him.

Luigi wakes Mario up from his nightmare, bringing him back to reality. Mario asks what he has done with Elvira and Luigi says she is right there where she was on TV. The camera cuts to the television screen, which shows Elvira hastily getting back in position on her couch as if she had left somewhere. Mario realizes that he had a nightmare and Luigi then tells him to go bed. As he walks away, Mario notices a bandage hanging from Luigi's pant leg. Mario turns his attention back to Elvira on TV, and she gives him the following message before blowing a kiss: "Goodnight, Mario. And unpleasant dreams!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Das Untier meiner Träume[2]


  • The only DVD release of this segment was as a bonus episode on a German PAL DVD collection, but with only German audio.[3]