Time Out Luigi

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Time Out Luigi"
Luigi talking to Mario randomly with his overalls and his cap backwards in the episode, Time Out Luigi.
Production number 120
Airdate October 12, 1989
Guest star(s) Nedra Volz
Cartoon episode "Too Hot to Handle"
Zelda preview "That Sinking Feeling"
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"Time Out Luigi" is the twenty-ninth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Too Hot to Handle."

Plot synopsis

In the apartment, Luigi is in the middle of playing an intense game of Duck Hunt with his Nintendo Entertainment System and NES Zapper. After showing off to himself by shooting ducks from behind his back, under his leg and behind his head, Luigi hears a loud bang and turns to investigate it. Looking over to where the pipes of the apartment are, Luigi sees an odd looking, old woman carrying a bag exit from the shadows. Greeting the woman, Luigi asks how he can help her, only to get the response from the old woman that maybe she can help him; introducing herself as Angelica, "Mysterious Salesperson for Weird and Spooky Gadgets Incorporated". While Luigi shows interest in what Angelica has to offer, Mario, who has appeared behind Luigi, does not care what Angelica has to say, saying he and Luigi do not want anything.

Deciding to show her merchandise to Mario and Luigi, Angelica shows them a crystal ball that can predict the future with ninety-nine and nine-tenths accuracy, an eerie painting that gets older as the owner stays eternally young; though Luigi is impressed by this odd merchandise, Mario remains unenthusiastic, wanting a crystal ball with one hundred percent accuracy and a cheaper painting. Angelica, not giving up, asks Mario and Luigi if they would prefer to buy a wristwatch she has.

Taking the wristwatch out of her bag, Angelica shows it to Luigi, who inquires if it is water proof, shock resistant and self winding, to which Angelica replies that it is not, but it is strange and mysterious. After being handed the wristwatch by Angelica, Luigi inspects it and decides that it looks alright and asks Angelica how much it is. After hearing that the wristwatch is ten dollars, Luigi begins to haggle with Angelica and, after going from five to seven dollars, manages to buy the wristwatch from a flustered Angelica for four dollars. Taking out his wallet, Luigi gives Angelica four dollars; after being paid by Luigi, Angelica leaves Mario Brothers Plumbing the way she came in, after calling Mario and Luigi galoots and telling them to sweep their floor once in a while.

With Angelica gone, Luigi begins to tell Mario how much of a bargain it was that he got his new wristwatch for four dollars. Mario tells Luigi that of course he got the wristwatch at such a low price, going on to show Luigi that the wristwatch is broken because it runs backwards. Realizing that he has seemingly been swindled by Angelica, Luigi quickly tells Mario to stop laughing at him.

Later, as he sits on the couch with his plunger, Mario asks Luigi what's wrong with him, as, ever since he got his wristwatch from Angelica, he has been acting strange. As an oddly dressed Luigi walks around him backwards, Mario tells Luigi that all he has been doing is walking backwards, talking backwards, dressing backwards and somehow eating backwards. Stopping near Mario, Luigi begins trying to explain to him that he feels better than ever, only to have his words come out backwards. After some trouble, Mario manages to decipher what Luigi is saying and tells Luigi to prove he is okay be jogging around the room. Doing what Mario says, Luigi begins to jog, though he does it backwards before collapsing on the couch, instantly falling asleep. As Luigi sleeps soundly, Mario surmises that the wristwatch Luigi bought must be making him do all these odd things and decides to take it off Luigi and throw it in the furnace. Grabbing the wristwatch, Mario tries to pull it off Luigi, only to be electrocuted by the wristwatch, which also causes the apartment lights to turn off. Thinking the wristwatch is possessed or cursed, Mario decides to either look for Angelica or put Luigi in a "backwards folks home". After Mario says this, he is surprised by Edison, who, after bursting out of his manhole, asks what happened to the lights.

Later, As Luigi calmly eats backwards at the table, Mario greets him, saying he has found Angelica. Showing Angelica Luigi, Mario explains that he is doing everything backwards, such as eating breakfast in the evening. At first, Angelica says nothing is wrong with Luigi and claims she prefers an occasional dinner waffle herself, but is eventually convinced by Mario to take the wristwatch she sold to Luigi back, which Angelica will only do for ten dollars. Calling Angelica a crook, Mario gives her ten dollars out of his wallet and tells Luigi to give Angelica the wristwatch. Telling Mario to calm down, Angelica turns to Luigi and calmly asks him not to give her the wristwatch; hearing Angelica, Luigi quickly removes the wristwatch and gives it to Angelica. With the wristwatch no longer on him, Luigi returns to normal and is told by Angelica not to eat any onions for a while; asking Angelica if eating onions will make him do things backwards again, Luigi gets the response that they will not but they will cause people to start backing away from him.


  • Angelica's mention of a painting that ages while its owner stays young appears to be a reference to the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, whose story revolved around such an eerie painting.
  • At the end of "Time Out Luigi," when Mario, Luigi and Angelica tell the viewer to "Do the Mario," the audio and video are played in reverse. Reversing the clip back will come out to, "Till next time, everyone. Mario the do!"