Alligator Dundee (episode)

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Alligator Dundee"
Screenshot from the live action Alligator Dundee segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Alligator Dundee enters the sewers in search of the Ratigator.
Production number 111
Airdate September 19, 1989
Guest star(s) Paul Elder
Title reference "Crocodile" Dundee
Cartoon episode "Stars in Their Eyes"
Zelda preview "The White Knight"
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"Alligator Dundee" is the twelfth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Stars in Their Eyes".


In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are in the process of removing various objects from a nearby toilet. As Mario and Luigi continue to remove various items from the toilet, a nearby noise begins to be emitted from a nearby hole in the wall of the apartment. Noticing the noise, Mario and Luigi are surprised to see the Ratagator sticking its head into their apartment.

Approaching the Ratagator, Mario discerns from the noises it makes that something frightening has chased it to Mario Brothers Plumbing. Before the Ratagator can continue to "speak" to Mario, it suddenly withdraws into its sewer home, leaving Mario and Luigi somewhat perplexed.

As the Ratagator leaves, Mario and Luigi are surprised by a man named Alligator Dundee. After introducing himself, Alligator Dundee tells Mario and Luigi that he has been searching for a ferocious monster in the sewer beneath Mario Brothers Plumbing. As Alligator Dundee continues to tell an increasingly frightened Mario and Luigi that he has chased this "horrific monster" to Mario and Luigi's apartment and expects the creature to burst into the apartment at any moment.

Having apparently enlisted Mario and Luigi's aid in capturing the monster he is hunting, Alligator Dundee begins to show a net to Mario, as Luigi looks through a nearby periscope. Leaving the periscope, Luigi asks Alligator Dundee if he and Mario can do anything else to help him; Alligator Dundee, grateful for Mario and Luigi's help, tells the two that he will lure the creature out of the sewer and instructs Mario to throw the net over it and Luigi to tie the creature up with a rope; Alligator Dundee also tells Mario and Luigi that one wrong move and they'll become "monster snacks".

Hearing this, Luigi asks Alligator Dundee if he is crazy to have created such a dangerous plan. Rebuffing Luigi's question, Alligator Dundee begins to prepare the net, when Luigi asks him what the monster they're hunting looks like. Hearing Luigi, Alligator Dundee takes out a picture of the monster, which is revealed to be the Ratagator and a man whose face is obscured. Seeing the picture, Mario asks what the Ratagator is doing with "that bloodthirsty beast"; Alligator Dundee, seeming to believe Mario is referring to the faceless man, say he has no idea.

Afterwards, as Alligator Dundee begins to sharpen a knife, Mario and Luigi begin to privately discuss the Ratagator, who they don't want Alligator Dundee to capture, as it's their friend. Finishing his talk with Mario, Luigi turns to ask Alligator Dundee what he is going to do with the blade he is sharpening. Alligator Dundee responds to Luigi's question by saying that, though he'll try to take the Ratagator peacefully, if it endangers his, Mario or Luigi's lives, he'll have to slay it.

After saying this, Alligator Dundee tells a nervous Mario and Luigi to get to their positions while he lures the Ratagator out into the open with a tuna sandwich. After Alligator Dundee climbs into Ratagator's sewer home, Mario and Luigi begin to hope that the Ratagator will be alright and realize that Alligator Dundee was the thing that scared the Ratagator earlier.

Hearing various noises coming from the sewer, Mario and Luigi are eventually told by a yelling Alligator Dundee to throw the net immediately. Doing as they're told, Mario and Luigi capture Alligator Dundee, who they also throw to the ground.

After a confused Alligator Dundee asks why they caught him and not the Ratagator, Mario and Luigi state that "he's the real monster" and begin to explain to him that the Ratagator isn't a monster, it's their pet. Hearing this, Alligator Dundee says that if Mario and Luigi had simply told him that the Ratagator was their pet, he wouldn't have tried to capture him. After Alligator Dundee says this, Mario and Luigi help him up and pull the net off him, as well as apologize for capturing him.

Alligator Dundee goes on to say that he was just an Australian man looking for money and thought that if he moved to America and caught a creature like the Ratagator, he could become famous and "fall in love with a beautiful American woman". Mario and Luigi, upon hearing this, think that that story would make a great movie, which Alligator Dundee agrees with.

Alligator Dundee decides that he will make his story into a movie, though he'll change his name to something more appropriate, "Ratagator Dundee"; at the sound of its name, the Ratagator suddenly rushes out of the sewer and allows Mario, Luigi and even "Ratagator Dundee" to pet it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Alligator Dundee


  • Alligator Dundee is a parody of Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee, a character from the commercially successful 1986 film, Crocodile Dundee. The film itself was also alluded to in this episode.