Lost Dog

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Lost Dog"
Lost Dog
Production number 110
Airdate October 2, 1989
Guest star(s) Pam Matteson
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "Two Plumbers and a Baby"
Zelda preview "Sing for the Unicorn"
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"Lost Dog" is the twenty-first live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Two Plumbers and a Baby".

Plot synopsis[edit]

At the dinner table in Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi, while holding a book, is whistling quite loudly, which is apparently annoying Mario. Having had enough of Luigi's whistling, Mario tells him to stop, saying he sounds ridiculous. Luigi, somewhat offended by Mario's remarks, tells him that his Chipmunk Imitations are what's ridiculous and also tells Mario that he is preparing for his Birdy Lovers meeting. After telling Mario all this, Luigi starts to whistle again, as he does so though, the doorbell of the apartment rings.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Mario yells for whoever is there to come in; as soon as Mario says this, Pam Matteson, who is sobbing hysterically, bursts into the apartment, surprising Mario and Luigi, who knocks over his chair getting up. Rushing over to Pam Matteson, Mario and Luigi ask her what is wrong and get the response from Pam Matteson that she has lost her puppy, Ike. After telling Mario and Luigi this, Pam Matteson asks if they have seen Ike, to which Mario and Luigi reply that no, they haven't. This response prompts Pam Matteson to panic and cry even more, unnerving Mario and Luigi, the latter of whom tries to calm Pam Matteson and offers her his hankerchief. Using Luigi's hankerchief to dry her eyes and blow her nose, Pam Matteson, after giving the handkerchief back to Luigi, says that she is starting to feel better and muses that she has "always depended on the kindness of strangers" and goes on to say that Mario and Luigi certainly are strange enough.

Later, as Mario searches for Ike using the periscope of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi comforts Pam Matteson, asking her if her pizza is okay. Pam Matteson replies to Luigi's question by saying that her pizza is fine and goes on to say that pizza was one of Ike's favorite food, saying Ike used to love black olive and Canadian kitten pizza. As Pam Matteson tells Luigi this, Mario says that, though he sees some dogs, none of them are puppies like Ike, which causes Pam Matteson to cry even more. As Pam Matteson cries, the nearby telephone rings, which causes Mario, Luigi and Pam Matteson to rush over to the telephone; answering the ring telephone, Luigi, after some speaking, motions to Pam Matteson that whoever is on the other end of has not sighted Ike. Continuing his conversation on the telephone, Luigi tells the speaker, Reilly, that he hasn't forgotten his Birdy Lovers meeting on the weekend. After saying goodbye to Reilly, Luigi hangs up the telephone and hears Mario comment that if Luigi could dog call like he could bird call, it would really help Pam Matteson in her search for Ike. As Luigi mulls over Mario's comment, the nearby Pam Matteson begins crying again, saying Ike used to call dogs all the time.

Later, Pam Matteson asks Luigi if he actually believes he can summon Ike by barking like a dog, to which Luigi replies, quoting a book entitled "Hanson's Guide to Doggie Dialogue", that, by replicating the exact noise of Ike's breed of dog makes, he will have him hear extremely soon. Before calling Ike though, Luigi decides to test his dog calling abilities by trying to call several types of dogs. As he tries his dog calls though, Luigi makes the noise of a sheep and a pig, after making these noises, Luigi claims that he just has something wrong with his throat. As Luigi clears his throat, Mario asks Pam Matteson what type of dog Ike is and learns from her that Ike is part poodle, part Basset Hound and a little bit of country and rock and roll.

After learning all this from Pam Matteson, Mario asks Luigi if he can call a mix breed dog, to which Luigi responds to by saying he does not know, but will try anyway. Trying his dog call to Ike, Luigi makes an extremely bizarre noise, which successfully summons Ike to the apartment. Pam Matteson, extremely happy to have found Ike, picks him up and thanks Luigi for having helped her find him; after being thanked by Pam Matteson though, Luigi, as well as Mario, see that Luigi's odd dog call has, along with Ike, summoned a large pack of barking dogs to Mario Brothers Plumbing. Seeing dozens of dogs rush to the apartment, Mario asks Luigi what should be done about the approaching elephant and horse, which surprises Luigi. As Luigi looks outside, Mario, amused, tells Luigi that he was only joking about a horse and elephant coming to the apartment; this revelation causes Luigi to burst into laughter, which causes Mario to begin laughing as well.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il cane scomparso The missing dog