Neatness Counts

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Neatness Counts"
Mario and Luigi begin to show their expert plumbing skills to Nicole Eggert
Production number 101
Airdate September 4, 1989
Guest star(s) Nicole Eggert
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "The Bird! The Bird!"
Zelda preview "The Ringer"
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"Neatness Counts" is the first live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "The Bird! The Bird!".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Inside Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is in the process of cleaning-up his face in a mirror while Luigi puts on his plumbing gear. As Mario is finishing up, Luigi picks a piece of spaghetti off his shoulder and Mario points out a pasta stain on Luigi's shirt; eventually, Mario and Luigi begin to point out various flaws in the other's attire, but are stopped when they here a voice coming from behind the nearby medicine cabinet.

Confused, Mario opens the cabinet to find television star Nicole Eggert standing behind the wall. Nicole asks Mario and Luigi if there the famous Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi, after saying they're Nicole's biggest fans, ask why she's rummaging through their medicine cabinet and Nicole gives the bizarre response that she's checking the expiration date on Mario and Luigi's toothpaste and asks if she can come in. Mario and Luigi decide to let Nicole in.

Entering the room, Nicole shows Mario and Luigi a newspaper clipping of the Brooklyn Times, which says that Mario and Luigi are the best plumbers around. Mario and Luigi say they are and learn that Nicole needs her kitchen sink fixed in preparation for a party. Wanting to show-off their plumbing skills, Mario and Luigi decide to unclog a nearby sink for a time-constrained Nicole.

Handing Luigi a wrench, Mario directs him to fix the sink; after several minutes of no success, Mario decides to help Luigi. Unfortunately, after a turn of the wrench, filthy water shoots out of the sink, spraying Nicole in the face and they say "uh-oh".

Apologizing to Nicole repeatedly, Luigi has her stand by the furnace to dry-off; unfortunately, the furnace malfunctions, drenching Nicole in smoke. Frantically apologizing, Mario and Luigi direct Nicole to chair, with her stepping in a cake on the way.

Having Nicole sit on the chair, Luigi is forced to quickly pull her back up after she sits on a pie that was resting on the chair. As Luigi picks the pie up, Nicole suddenly has a large amount of garbage dropped on her from a nearby garbage disposal. Looking for something to clean up Nicole with, Mario finds only a lint brush.

Apologizing non-stop to Nicole, Mario and Luigi begin to list ways they can help her, but are stopped by Nicole, who says that everything is fine; it seems Nicole was going to a "sloppy party" and whoever went to the party the dirtiest would win a prize. By covering Nicole in filth, Mario and Luigi saved her the trouble of finding a costume. To further aid Nicole, Mario and Luigi smear the remnants of the cake on her.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Puhtaus on Puoli Rukoaa Cleanliness is Half the Food
French Vive la propreté Long live cleanliness
Hebrew הנקיון תמיד ראשון
Hnkvn Tmd Rshvn
Cleanliness is Always First
Italian La precisione è tutto Precision is everything
Spanish (NOA) El Aseo Cuenta The Cleaning Counts