Plumbers of the Year

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Plumbers of the Year"
Plumbers of the Year
Production number 122
Airdate October 3, 1989
Guest star(s) Marty Allen
Cartoon episode "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario"
Zelda preview "Sing for the Unicorn"
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"Plumbers of the Year" is the twenty-second live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are in the middle of working on some pipes; as he works, Luigi tells Mario that the pipes should work now and proceeds to wrap a cloth around a pipe as Mario says that this is the worst leak that they have ever worked on. As Luigi agrees with Mario's statement, the doorbell of the apartment ring. Hearing the doorbell, Mario and Luigi call for whoever is there to come in and after a brief pause, Mario and Luigi are shocked to see a man wearing overalls and a fez approaching them.

As he walks closer to Mario and Luigi, the man asks Mario and Luigi if he is in the residence of Mario and Luigi. Answering the man's question, Mario and Luigi identify the man as the Imperial Poobah from the Grand Order of Plumbers, who they proceed to do an odd routine in front, which consists of Mario and Luigi twirling their plungers, falling to their knees and reciting an oath. After Mario and Luigi finish their oath, the Imperial Poobah, after congratulating them on stating their oath, tells them to rise, which Mario and Luigi do.

After Mario and Luigi get to their feet and drop their plungers, they begin to ask the Imperial Poobah why he is here. After some trouble in passing him the plunger he is holding to Mario, the Imperial Poobah unravels the scroll he is holding and tells Mario and Luigi that the Grand Order of Plumbers has created a proclamation stating that they have been chosen to be the Plumbers of the Year. After the Imperial Poobah takes his plunger back from Mario, he watches as Mario and Luigi, startled, react to being called Plumbers of the Year. Mario and Luigi's self-praise at being called Plumbers of the Year is cut short by the Imperial Poobah though, who says that before Mario and Luigi can gain the Plumbers of the Year trophy, he must conduct the Imperial Investigation. After saying this, the Imperial Poobah goes on to explain that the Imperial Investigation is just a routine inspection to see if Mario and Luigi are up to the honor of being the Plumbers of the Year.

After explaining all this to them, Mario and Luigi ask the Imperial Poobah when his inspection of them will begin and get the response from him that it begins now. Startled by the Imperial Poobah's response, Mario and Luigi are told by the Imperial Poobah that if they are truly worthy of becoming Plumbers of the Year then they have nothing to worry about; after saying this, the Imperial Poobah seems to go into a trance of some sort, repeating "Nothing to worry about!" over and over again as Luigi begins to smack him on the cheek, trying to get the Imperial Poobah to return to normal.

Later, after inspecting some pipes, the Imperial Poobah congratulates Mario and Luigi on having no problems with their plumbing. It is only after the Imperial Poobah tells Mario and Luigi that they do seem worthy to be Plumbers of the Year that several nearby pipes begin to leak steam and water. Noticing these leaky pipes, the Imperial Poobah says that this changes everything and proceeds to crumple Mario and Luigi's inspection paper, saying that Mario and Luigi don't seem to have what it takes to be Plumbers of the Year. Luigi, panicking, tells the Imperial Poobah that the leaky pipes in the apartment can easily be fixed.

Later, as Luigi tries to fix the leaking pipes, which the Imperial Poobah says can't be fixed, he tells Mario to get him some leftover pizza, which perplexes the Imperial Poobah. Grabbing an extra cheese pizza from a nearby fridge, Mario hands it to Luigi, who tears the cheese from the pizza and uses it to fix the leaking pipes. After Luigi ties this cheese to the main leaking pipe, the Imperial Poobah, impressed by Mario and Luigi's use of materials available to fix a plumbing problem, decides to officially name them as Plumbers of the Year.

After a long speech, the Imperial Poobah bestows the title of Plumbers of the Year to Mario and Luigi, who he tells will receive some steak knifes, a pair of dice and hand choppers in the mail in six to eight weeks. Extremely grateful for being named Plumbers of the Year, Mario and Luigi thank the Imperial Poobah, only to notice that several nearby pipes have begun to leak. As Mario and Luigi scramble to fix these pipes, the Imperial Poobah grabs a nearby telephone and begins to desperately demand that whoever is on the other end of the telephone to send over dozens of pizzas, with extra cheese.