Mario Hillbillies

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Mario Hillbillies"
Mario Hillbillies
Production number 130
Airdate October 4, 1989
Guest star(s) Donna Douglas
Title reference The Beverly Hillbillies
Cartoon episode "Do You Princess Toadstool Take this Koopa...?"
Zelda preview "Sing for the Unicorn"
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"Mario Hillbillies" is the twenty-third live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?"

Plot synopsis[edit]

Exiting a door in the apartment, Luigi, who is wearing fishing gear, begins to tell Mario to hurry and prepare for the fishing trip they are going; the reason Luigi wants Mario to hurry up is because he wants to get his fishing done so he and Mario can be in time for the Plumber's Hoedown that will be going on later. After telling Mario to quicken his pace, Luigi also asks him as to whether he has the fishing bait, which Mario replies with a yes to, and proceeds to show Luigi a worm covered pizza. Though Luigi believes the worm pizza is disgusting, Mario reassures him, saying that the fish will love the worm pizza bait. As Luigi holds the worm pizza, Mario begins to wonder where their cousins, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob are, stating that they were supposed to be here by now; a flustered Mario decides to simply leave Mario Joe and Luigi Bob a note saying where he and Luigi have gone, which Luigi agrees is a good idea. Writing the note, Luigi pins it to the scarecrow in the bathtub garden, which lets out a shriek upon having the note pinned to it; after telling the scarecrow to stop, Mario is given the worm pizza by Luigi, and the two, after grabbing their fishing rods, leave Mario Brothers Plumbing.

As soon as Mario and Luigi leave Mario Brothers Plumbing through a back passage, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob suddenly enter through the apartment's main entrance; calling out to Mario and Luigi, Mario Joe and Luigi Job receive no answer, but as they descend the stairs into the apartment, they notice the note left by Mario on the scarecrow; after tearing Mario's note off the yelping scarecrow, Luigi Bob reads it aloud to Mario Joe and both learn of what happened to Mario and Luigi. Reading the final part of the note, which states that Mario Joe and Luigi Bob should make themselves at home, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob let out a courageous yell and rush over to Mario and Luigi's refrigerator, which they open and begin to look through.

Having raided Mario and Luigi's refrigerator, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob are sitting at the table, feet on it, eating a large amount of pizza, as well as other food. While eating pizza, Luigi Bob asks Mario Joe what is on the pizza, and gets the response that it is pepperoni. As they both eat, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob hear the doorbell of the apartment ring and are at first confused as to who would be at the door, but decide to let whoever is at the door in, so Mario Joe yells for whoever is at the door to come in. Opening the door, woman walks in and asks Mario Joe and Luigi Bob if they are Mario and Luigi, and also asks if they have faucets for sale.

As Mario Joe prepares to tell the woman that he and Luigi Bob are not Mario and Luigi, Luigi Bob stops him and tells her that he is not sure if they have a faucet on hand at the moment. As the lady begins to brood over her bad luck, Mario Joe tells her not to worry, which prompts the lady to introduce herself as Ellie Mae before asking Mario Joe and Luigi Bob their names. At first fumbling over his words, Luigi Bob introduces himself as Luigi to Ellie Mae while Mario Bob introduces himself as Mario. After introductions are done, Ellie Mae says that Mario Joe and Luigi Bob are the kind of plumbers she is looking for, country bumpkins like her.

Later, as she plays with a purring Ratagator, Ellie Mae asks Mario Joe and Luigi Bob what the Ratagator's name is, a question which causes Luigi Bob and Mario Joe to both utter "Zeke" and "Luke." Apparently ignoring these different responses, Ellie Mae says it was awfully kind of Mario Joe and Luigi Bob to perform a house call for her, but she begins to wonder whether or not Mario Joe and Luigi Bob are capable plumbers. Reassuring Ellie Mae while grabbing various plumbing tools, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob say they are up to date on everything plumbing and say that are honored to be fixing Ellie Mae's plumbing; charmed by Mario Joe and Luigi Bob, Ellie Mae says that, after Mario Joe and Luigi Bob finish fixing her plumbing, they should stay at her house and have an old-fashioned possum dinner, which excites both Mario Joe and Luigi Bob. Following Ellie Mae, who decides to prepare a snack, out of the apartment, Luigi Bob and Mario Joe begin to haphazardly handle the tools they are carrying as they leave.

Just as Ellie Mae, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob leave, Mario and Luigi enter the apartment through a back entrance, having finished their fishing trip, which they only caught one, bizarre and furry fish on. Commencing some small talk, Mario and Luigi, after setting down their fishing gear and looking around, surmise that Mario Joe and Luigi Bob did not get to the apartment. Sitting on some chairs and putting their feet up, Mario and Luigi say that they got home just in time for the plumber's hoedown, which they are somewhat glad that they do not have to bring Mario Joe or Luigi Bob to, saying that their cousins will not get any of the girls there and that they are not anything like them.