Do You Believe In Magic?

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Do You Believe In Magic?"
Production number 112
Airdate September 28, 1989
Guest star(s) Magic Johnson
Title reference "Do You Believe in Magic"
Cartoon episode "Pirates of Koopa"
Zelda preview "Kiss 'N Tell"
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"Do You Believe In Magic?" is the nineteenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Pirates of Koopa".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Near the medicine cabinet of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi is preparing to give himself a shave, all the while cooking some spaghetti on a nearby stove. As Luigi stirs his pot of cooking spaghetti, the apartment begins to shake; Luigi is unworried about this though, believing this rumbling to be caused by Mario jump-roping while wearing his boots, who he yells at. It is only when this rumbling stops that Luigi realizes that Mario isn't in the apartment, he had gone to the store.

After he remembers this, Luigi, after stirring his spaghetti some more, goes over to the medicine cabinet, which he opens. After opening the cabinet though, Luigi quickly closes it in shock, only to open it again and find Magic Johnson standing there. Surprised by Magic Johnson's appearance, Luigi greets him and learns from Magic Johnson that during a "triple-double-sky-hook-alley-oop-slam-dunk-jam" he broke one of his old high school trophies, which he asks Luigi if he can fix. After hearing Magic Johnson's story, Luigi gladly agrees to fix Magic Johnson's trophy, which Magic Johnson hands to him.

After Luigi gets Magic Johnson's broken trophy, Magic Johnson himself leaves through the medicine cabinet after saying he'll be back in a few hours. When Magic Johnson leaves, Luigi goes to a nearby table and sets the trophy down on it while he goes to search for a trophy repair manual to help him fix the broken trophy. After a bit of searching, Luigi leaves through a nearby door, just as Mario enters through another, carrying a bag of groceries.

After closing the door of the apartment, Mario calls for Luigi, telling him he is home as he descends the staircase to the door. Realizing that Luigi is nowhere nearby, Mario looks around and sees a large amount of trash on the table near Magic Johnson's trophy; muttering to himself, Mario gathers this trash and trophy up in his arms and goes to the apartment's furnace, which he throws the trash in, apparently throwing Magic Johnson's trophy in the furnace as well.

Much later, a panicking Mario is using a shovel to remove what appears to be Magic Johnson's trophy, which is heavily burned, from the furnace as Luigi watches him. After Mario removes the trophy from the furnace, Luigi grabs it with a pair of pliers and holds it in place as Mario begins to pound it with a hammer. As Mario hammers the seriously damaged trophy, Luigi suddenly notices that the apartment is rumbling, signifying the arrival of Magic Johnson. Telling Luigi to stay where he is and continue hammering the semi-incinerated trophy, Mario, after grabbing a basketball, opens the medicine cabinet, which Magic Johnson is standing behind. Trying to distract Magic Johnson, Mario tries to show him his basketball skills, only to throw his basketball away by accident. After the incident with the basketball, Magic Johnson asks Mario where Luigi is; hearing Magic Johnson ask this, Luigi tells him that he will have his trophy fixed in a bit. After being informed of this by Luigi, Magic Johnson tells him that he has five minutes to fix his trophy before leaving.

Sometime after telling Magic Johnson, Luigi, quite surprisingly, manages to pound the burnt scrap of metal that was once a trophy back into trophy form. After doing this, Luigi and Mario are called over to the apartment medicine cabinet by an impatient Magic Johnson. Rushing up to Magic Johnson, Luigi gives him his repaired trophy; unfortunately for Mario and Luigi, Magic Johnson recognizes that the trophy given to him by Luigi isn't his, as it says that he is the player of the year, when it is supposed to be a trophy honoring his bowling skills. After being handed the trophy by Magic Johnson, Luigi begins to tell him that something happened to the trophy, only to be interrupted by Mario, who suggests Magic Johnson have some spaghetti sauce.

After Mario makes this suggestion to Magic Johnson, who believes Mario and Luigi to be joking about something happening to his trophy, Luigi and Mario go to get Magic Johnson some spaghetti sauce. As Luigi scoops some spaghetti sauce from a nearby pot though, he finds Magic Johnson's trophy in it; at the sight of the trophy, Mario suddenly remembers that he had used it to stir the spaghetti sauce. Seeing his trophy, Magic Johnson takes it from Luigi, thanking him for repairing the trophy and asking him how much he owes him; after Magic Johnson asks this, Luigi tells him that he does not owe him anything and says goodbye to him with Mario.

With Magic Johnson having left, Luigi decides to go back to his shaving, only to see that his shaving mug is missing. After hearing Luigi say this, Mario utters a quick "Uh-oh" before giving Luigi the trophy they made for Magic Johnson, which Luigi realizes is his favorite shaving mug.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Magic Moment -


  • Unlike most live-action segments, the guest (Magic Johnson) does not join Mario and Luigi when they tell the viewer to "Do the Mario!"