E.C. The Extra Creepy

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"E.C. The Extra Creepy"
Mario holds E.C. in the "E.C. The Extra Creepy" live action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Production number 124
Airdate September 25, 1989
Guest star(s) Clare Carey
Title reference E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Cartoon episode "Toad Warriors"
Zelda preview "Kiss'n Tell"
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"E.C. The Extra Creepy" is the sixteenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Toad Warriors."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario, who is wearing a tie, is in the midst of looking in a mirror, checking his appearance. As Mario continues to look at himself in the mirror, Luigi, seeing Mario wearing his fancy tie, asks if they are going somewhere today. Answering Luigi's question, Mario says that no, they aren't, he is, with his date, whom he met on a computer.

Hearing Mario say this, Luigi proceeds to grab a nearby stack of paper on a table and read from it; after some reading, Luigi asks what kind of woman Mario is dating, after reading from "luxurious body hair, bulging muscles, can bench-press five-hundred pounds..." off the paper. Mario tells Luigi that those aren't his date's qualities, there his, which he copied from a card depicting Rambo, which he got from a Bubble Gum package.

After Mario explains this to him, Luigi reads that Mario's date is an "out of this world girl, with head in the clouds, loves to travel..." After reading this description, Luigi says that Mario's date sounds somewhat odd and strange. Ignoring Luigi's comments, Mario says that his date is named E.C. and that Luigi won't think she's strange once he sees her. As soon as Mario says this though, the lights of Mario Brothers Plumbing begin to flicker on and off and the entire apartment begins to rumble.

Eventually, the apartment stops rumbling and a bizarre noise is heard, which Mario says must be being caused by E.C. After saying this, Mario rushes up the stairs of the apartment and, after spraying some breath freshener into his mouth, opens the apartment door and sees E. C. there, with smoke billowing all around her.

Introducing himself to E.C., Mario asks for her hand which E.C., after speaking in an extremely mechanical sounding voice, gives to Mario, after, literally, taking her own hand off and giving it to him. As Mario stares in horror and shock at E.C.'s removed hand, which he's holding, an equally surprised Luigi grabs E.C.'s nearby quality papers and begins to frantically look through them.

Later, as E.C. begins wandering around Mario Brothers Plumbing wielding a wrench and moving in an extremely robotic manner, Luigi begins to try discuss how odd she is. As Luigi tells Mario how strange E.C. is, Mario simply ignores his comments; as E.C. continues to wander around the apartment, Luigi tells Mario of all the strange things that have been occurring ever since E.C. arrived, though Mario simply dismisses Luigi's allegations.

After having this discussion about how strange E.C. is, both Mario and Luigi notice that E.C. is saying things repeatedly and also trying to eat a wrench. Mario, still oblivious to E.C.'s oddness, simply ignores this strange actions; Luigi, becoming frustrated by Mario's ignorance, shows him that E.C. is currently lighting a light bulb by simply touching it.

A while later, Luigi, using a periscope, is searching for Mario, who had gone on a date with E.C. While looking through the sky, Luigi suddenly notices what appears to be a spaceship and hopes that Mario isn't onboard; soon after Luigi sees this spaceship, the lights of Mario Brothers Plumbing begin to flicker and the apartment starts to rumble.

Eventually, the rumbling of the apartment stops and Luigi puts his periscope away, just as Mario and E.C. enter the apartment, with Mario carrying E.C. Surprised at seeing Mario carrying E.C., Luigi asks Mario if he married E.C., to which Mario replies that he didn't.

Setting E.C. down, she and Mario descend the stairs of the apartment, where E.C., shortly after being approached by Luigi, begins to spasm uncontrollably. It is only when E.C. begins to do this that Luigi realizes that E.C. is, in actuality, a machine. After Luigi has this realization, an otherworldly voice rings throughout the apartment, which announces that all robots are to return to the mothership, as Brooklyn has been judged as not being able to sustain quality life.

After hearing this announcement, E.C. proceeds to say goodbye to Mario, who asks if E.C. can give him something to remember her by. To answer Mario's question, E.C. removes her mechanical heart and gives it to Mario as she leaves the apartment.