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Photo of E.C. from the "E.C. The Extra Creepy" live action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Full name E.C. The Extra Creepy
Species Robot
First appearance "E.C. The Extra Creepy"
Portrayed by Clare Carey

E.C. The Extra Creepy is a robotic, alien entity made to resemble a female human and a character from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "E.C. The Extra Creepy", E.C., through a computer dating service, is set-up on a date with Mario. Going to Mario Brothers Plumbing, her appearance preceded by flickering lights, an earthquake and smoke, E.C. introduces herself to Mario. After introducing himself to E.C., Mario asks for her hand, which E.C. literally gives him - removing her hand and giving it to a shocked Mario.

After this incident, Luigi begins trying to tell a lovestruck Mario how odd E.C. is, as E.C. wanders around Mario Brothers Plumbing. Rebuffing Luigi's claims about E.C.'s strangeness, Mario decides to go on his date with E.C., who has just revealed some of her abilities, such as being able to take a bite out of a wrench and light a lightbulb just by touching it.

Mario and E.C. later return from their date, which was seemingly in E.C.'s spaceship, with Mario carrying E.C. back into Mario Brothers Plumbing. Setting E.C. down on the floor, Mario and Luigi eventually come to the realization that E.C. is a robot when she begins to malfunction slightly, spasming and repeating things over and over again.

Soon after Mario and Luigi realize E.C.'s true identity, an otherworldly voice is broadcast over Brooklyn, saying that all robots should return to the mothership, as Brooklyn has been deemed as not being able to support quality life. After this announcement, E.C. says goodbye to Mario, who proceeds to ask E.C. for something he could remember her by. Deciding to grant Mario his request for a memento to remember her, E.C. gives Mario her metallic heart before leaving Earth.


  • According to E.C.'s quality sheet print-out from the computer dating service, she is an "out of this world girl, with head in the clouds, loves to travel..." and that she "comes with a two year warranty".
  • E.C.'s name appears to be based upon E.T.'s name, the alien creature from the classic film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.