Mad Donna

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Mad Donna
"The Magic Love" in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Species Human
First appearance "The Magic Love"
Portrayed by Paula Irvine

Mad Donna is a famous singer and performer who Mario is in love with (to the point where he has a framed picture of her in their home). She is a parody of Madonna, a real life singer.


In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "The Magic Love", Mad Donna is first mentioned by Mario while he is talking to Luigi, describing her as his dream girl. He admires her to the point where he buys magic apples that supposedly make its consumer fall in love on sight. She then coincidentally enters their home, stating that her car has broken down and that she wants to use their phone. As she goes to answer the phone, she eats one of the magic apples and instantly falls in love with Mario. Mario goes along with it, and the two are soon engaged. However, after she calls her agent to tell them about her engagement, the magic apple wears off, and Donna tells her agent to call the police. She eventually calms down after Mario says that it was all a joke. She then bites another apple, falls in love with Mario again, and tells her agent to schedule a press conference announcing her engagement. Mario, again, goes along with it. The two then begin to pack for their honeymoon to Niagara Falls, but after Mario goes to his room to prepare, the magic wears off again. She then disgustedly tells Luigi that she could never marry Mario. After exclaiming this, she bites the magic apple again, and this time falls in love with Luigi. She proceeds to call her agent again and tell them that she is going to quit the show business to marry Luigi, and the episode ends with Luigi and Mario wondering how to get out of this situation.