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This article is about the character from a live-action segment in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. For the minor character from the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, see Angelica (film character).
Species Human
First appearance "Time Out Luigi"
Portrayed by Nedra Volz

Angelica is an odd, elderly woman and a salesperson for "Weird and Spooky Gadgets Incorporated", a company apparently specializing in the sales of bizarre objects and curios.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Time Out Luigi", Angelica appears in Mario Brothers Plumbing trying to sell some of her merchandise. While Luigi is interested in what Angelica has to offer, Mario is not interested in the slightest. Even when she tries to sell Mario and Luigi a crystal ball with ninety-nine and nine-tenths accuracy and a painting that ages while the owner stays young, Mario still shows no interest in what she has to offer, wanting a cheaper painting and a crystal ball with one-hundred percent accuracy.

Flustered, Angelica offers to sell Mario and Luigi a wristwatch, which Luigi takes a liking to and decides to purchase; at first, this watch costs ten dollars, but Luigi manages to haggle with her and, after causing the price to fluctuate from seven and five dollars, manages to purchase the watch from her for four dollars. After making this sale, Angelica leaves Mario Brothers Plumbing, calling Mario and Luigi galoots and telling them to sweep their floor.

Later, Angelica is called back to Mario Brothers Plumbing by Mario, who wants Angelica's help in removing the watch, which causes Luigi to do everything backwards, from Luigi's wrist. Angelica agrees to help Luigi, though only after Mario pays her ten dollars, an act which prompts him to call Angelica a crook. After receiving her ten dollars from Mario, Angelica approaches Luigi and tells him not to give her the watch; immediately after being told this by Angelica, Luigi takes the watch off and gives it to Angelica.

Having returned to normal, Luigi states that he felt odd; hearing Luigi's complaint, Angelica tells him to not eat any onions for a while. After being told this by Angelica, Luigi asks her if eating onions would make him do everything backwards again, to which Angelica replies, no, it would not, but it would cause people to back away from him.