Romano's father and Joliet's father

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“The feud is on!”
Romano's father and Joliet's father, "Mario and Joliet"
Romano's father and Joliet's father
Romano's father (left) and Joliet's father (right)

Romano's father and Joliet's father are inhabitants of the Land of Romance and the parents of the lovers Romano and Joliet. They appear to be complete opposites of one another, with Romano's father being tall, skinny and clothed in blue clothing while Joliet's father is short, pompous and wears red clothing.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Mario and Joliet", Romano's and Joliet's fathers begin a violent feud against each other due to King Koopa, who causes the two to fight so he can make a large profit selling Beezos, Snifits, Albatosses and Bob-Ombs to them. Due to this newly developed hatred between them, Romano's and Joliet's fathers refuse to allow their children, Romano and Joliet to marry.

This private war between Romano's and Joliet's fathers is eventually ended by Princess Toadstool, who orders them both to stop fighting and allow Romano and Joliet to marry. Not pleased by having their battle interrupted, they are forced to comply with Princess Toadstool's decree and shake hands, with the two of them trying to crush each other's hands.

At the church where Romano and Joliet are to be married, the feud between their fathers starts once more after Joliet's father learns from Toad that his daughter had been kidnapped and blames Romano's father for doing it. They then have their Snifit minions fight in a catastrophic battle that begins to cause the church they are in to began to crumble.

Later, after Joliet is rescued from King Koopa, her real abductor, by Mario, Luigi, Toad, Romano and Princess Toadstool, Romano's and Joliet's fathers appear at the wedding of their offspring. Right after Romano and Joliet marry, their fathers begin to argue over who their children would live with, with this argument escalating into a large scale food fight. Romano's father was voiced by Danny Wells and Joliet's father was voiced by Harvey Atkin.