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Not to be confused with DS Shroom Ridge or GCN Mushroom Bridge.
First appearance "The Provolone Ranger"
Greater location Sudden Death Valley
Capital n/a
Ruler None
Inhabitants Mushroom People

Mushridge, alternatively referred to as Mushroom Ridge, is a small, western town located either in or near Sudden Death Valley. Little is known about Mushridge, as it is mostly mentioned in passing, and is actually seen only for a very short time. Mushridge is only ever seen in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "The Provolone Ranger".


At some point, Billy the Koopa plundered the citizens of Mushridge out of all their Gold Coins. Upon hearing about this, Princess Toadstool sets out to reimburse the town by bringing them a trunk full of Gold Coins on a stagecoach, accompanied by Mario, Luigi and Toad.

While passing through Sudden Death Valley, the stagecoach is ambushed by Billy the Koopa and a Koopa Troopa, who kicks Mario off and hijacks it. Mario eventually meets up with Pronto, and becomes the Provlone Ranger in order to save his friends and the Gold Coins from Billy the Koopa.

Afterwards, Mario brings the Gold Coins to Mushridge, and leaves before the citizens of the town are able to thank him and invite him to dinner. Upon hearing the mention of dinner, Mario comes rushing back to Mushridge, stating that he ran even faster than Pronto.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Mushridge Mushridge