Rebel Fort

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Rebel Fort
The Rebel Fort

The Rebel Fort is a somewhat poorly constructed base-of-operations inhabited by several Mushrooms in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Toad Warriors".

The Rebel Fort was created apparently some time after King Koopa stole all the spaghetti sauce in Car Land; its main purpose was to act as a safe haven against King Koopa and his Koopa Pack, where rebels against him could create their own spaghetti sauce.

The fort was somewhat shoddy in design, being created out of a variety of materials, such as old mattresses and tires; various vehicles utilized by Mushroom rebels were also stored here.

The fort was apparently destroyed when King Koopa used his ultimate weapon, Thunderbirdo, on it. Thunderbirdo, using its explosive eggs, caused a large amount of the fort to collapse and burst into flames, with whatever being left of it looking to be uninhabitable.