Pyramid Land

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Pyramid Land
Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad in Pyramid Land
First appearance "The Ten Koopmandments"
Greater location Mushroom World
Capital None
Ruler Princess Toadstool
Inhabitants Mushroom People, The Three Mushrooms, Cobrats, Goomba Mummies

Pyramid Land is a location in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! It is a desert which appears in the episode "The Ten Koopmandments".

Upon discovering that King Koopa has made himself pharaoh of Pyramid Land and that the Mushroom People might be in trouble, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad travel to the desert by camel and are shocked to find out that Koopa has enforced ten strict laws, which he calls Koopmandments. They quickly travel to the village to rescue the Mushroom People from the evil laws, but find it to be deserted. Here, they are introduced to The Three Mushrooms, who inform them that the village people had been taken by Koopa and turned into bricks.

Meanwhile, several Mushroom People are constructing a Sphinx-like monument in the likeness of Koop Tut. Upon hearing that there are remaining villagers, he invades the village, resulting in the Three Mushrooms being transformed into bricks and Mario and the others being trapped in a pyramid, though they manage to find an emergency exit which takes them back outside.

While Koop Tut is asleep, Mario sneaks into his tent and grabs his magic wand, which he then uses to turn the bricks back into Mushroom People. They all flee to the Red Sauce Sea, where they manage to escape Koopa and his minions.