Fire God

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Fire God
The Fire God, trapped inside a large bottle

The Fire God (also referred to as the Big Kahuna) is a large, burly inhabitant of the island of Waki-Waki in Lava Land. As his name suggests, the Fire God is a deity, though what powers he may have are not shown.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Too Hot to Handle", Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool travel to Waki-Waki in search of the Fire God, who has promised to help them free the Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa.

As is eventually revealed, the Fire God has been captured by King Koopa and Fryguy, who are keeping him imprisoned in a giant, snow- and ice-filled bottle. With the Fire God, who he eventually plans to throw into his Lava Machine, as his prisoner, King Koopa tricks the inhabitants of Waki-Waki into believing that he is the Fire God as a part of his plan to capture Princess Toadstool.

After King Koopa and Fryguy are defeated by Mario (and the Lava Machine destroyed), the Fire God, free from the giant, frozen bottle, sends a smoke signal to him, as well as the inhabitants of Waki-Waki. Interpreting the Fire God's smoke signal, Scooter, the leader of Waki-Waki, reveals that the Fire God wants to throw a spaghetti luau for Mario.

At this spaghetti luau, the Fire God acts as the spaghetti chef, using the chained and caged Fryguy to cook the spaghetti.