Nature Scouts

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Nature Scouts
The Nature Scouts in Saturday Supercade
Mr. Barkley (center) and his Nature Scouts (left and right)
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Rocky Mountain Monkey Business") (1983)
Species Humans

The Nature Scouts are a group of characters appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Rocky Mountain Monkey Business."

They first with their scout leader Mr. Barkley, who teaches them about Rocky Mountains. After a man sends his pet grizzly bear Bruno to kidnap Mr. Barkley, they, Donkey Kong Jr., and Bones decide to follow.

At an old, abandoned ranger's cabin, the Nature Scouts recognize the thief as the same man who used to be in a circus with Bruno before being arrested for bank robbery. Donkey Kong Jr. comes up with a plan, hollowing out some tree bark to disguise themselves. After Donkey Kong Jr. lures the thief outside, the scouts surround him in reference to Ring a Ring o' Roses. However, Bones accidentally runs into Bruno, freeing him and allowing the criminal duo to capture the Nature Scouts.

They are later seen in Clearwater Cave, where the thief orders Bruno to smash a rock buildup to retrieve his loot, though this also causes some water to seep out of the crack, resulting in Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts becoming stranded on a nearby boulder as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones arrive. Donkey Kong Jr. throws some rocks in the crevice to partially re-plug it, then grabs the boulder Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts are trapped on to bring them to safety.

As Mr. Barkley thanks Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for taking care of the criminal duo, one of the Nature Scouts pulls a prank by disguising himself as a bear. The Nature Scouts are last seen at the end of the episode as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones drive off to continue their search for Donkey Kong.