Uncle Julius

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Uncle Julius
Uncle Julius

Uncle Julius is a character from the Saturday Supercade episode Gorilla Ghost. He is Donkey Kong Jr.'s uncle who lives in a city zoo.

He first appeared at the beginning of the episode to explain to his nephew and Bones about the Gorilla Ghost. That night, he confirmed that the Gorilla Ghost appeared to steal the elephants.

The Gorilla Ghost came after Uncle Julius next. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones tried to send him off, but got themselves in peril. To assist, Uncle Julius used his "Monkey Muscle!" to unveil the Gorilla Ghost's true identity. Aurora then appeared and kidnapped Uncle Julius, Donkey Kong Jr., and Bones.

After Donkey Kong Jr. distracted the Gorilla Ghost, Uncle Julius broke out of his chains and hid in boulders along with his nephew and Bones. However, Aurora soon spotted them and tied them up again. Uncle Julius then simply used a sharp stone to break free, and he and his nephew pursued Aurora and the Gorilla Ghost on boulders, while ripping out the entrance Gates and bending it into a cage. After Aurora and the Gorilla Ghost were thrown in, Uncle Julius humorously named it "Crook Exhibit".

Uncle Julius thanked Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for liberating the zoo, and waved goodbye to the two as they continued their search for Donkey Kong.