Sheep Rustle Hustle

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Sheep Rustle Hustle"
SaturdaySupercade SheepRustleHustle.png
Segment Donkey Kong Junior
Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate USA September 24, 1983
Writer(s) Matt Uitz
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Sheep Rustle Hustle is the second episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Standing just outside a ranch with sheep, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones decide to vault over the fence and enter the ranch. Bones accidentally falls into the water trough, catching the attention of a nearby dog. The dog bites off Bones's pants in true rubber-hose style, and the ranch owner arrives shortly after to scold them. Donkey Kong Jr. tells him that they mean no harm, and the ranch owner asks his dog, whose name is revealed to be King, if they are being honest, to which King agrees. The ranch owner introduces himself as Biff, and warns them that a group of "Sheep Rustlers" strikes every so often.

Just then, the Sheep Rustlers arrive to steal some sheep. King tries to attack them, only to fall into a pitfall trap. They lock King up in a cage, and round up the other sheep, driving away. Biff gives chase, and is closely followed by Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones. As they reach a steep cliff, Donkey Kong Jr. cuts off many tree branches and borrows Biff's supply of rope to construct a glider.

As they hover closer to the truck, Bones uses the rope as a cable to reach the truck. The sheep manage to bite off the rope and drop Bones into the cargo hold, attracting the attention of the Sheep Rustlers who pull the truck over to investigate. Bones attempts to imitate a sheep while crudely disguised as one; this disguise fails, and the Sheep Rustlers chase after him. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong Jr., noticing Bones in peril, tugs on a nearby cactus for leverage. While Bones uses martial arts to distract the Rustlers, Donkey Kong Jr. manages to fling himself, Bones, and Biff into the Rustlers to momentarily distract them. Their strategy is cut short when Donkey Kong Jr. is forced to rescue Bones from a tree branch, buying the Sheep Rustlers time to capture Biff and escape to their hideout. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones give chase.

The duo manages to locate the Sheep Rustlers' hideout, which is in a jailhouse near a saloon. Coming up with a plan, Donkey Kong Jr. drags Bones into the saloon, drawing the Rustlers in. They proceed to haunt the Rustlers using finger puppetry and eerie voiceovers, and Donkey Kong Jr. eventually uses a ghost sheet to scare them into handing over the jail key. Bones loses his balance and falls directly into the tablecloth, directly mimicking a ghost himself. He also attempts to haunt the Rustlers, only for the cloth to snag on a chair leg and pull off of his body.

Donkey Kong Jr. then decides to unleash "Monkey Muscle!", throwing the sheet on the Rustlers while he and Bones escape via a nearby pole. They then knock down the chandelier and use the chains to swing down and steal the jail key. They fall towards the sheriff, who immediately snatches the key and arrests them, throwing them into the same cell as Biff and King. Bones notes that the walls are too hard to blast through, to which King realizes he can dig through the soft floor. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones then use a horse to catch up with the train that the Rustlers are using to escape with the kidnapped sheep. Donkey Kong Jr. lassos the smokestack to stop the train, then dumps out all of the water from a nearby water tower, washing out the Rustlers and the sheriff. Bones and Biff then tie up the trio.

Biff thanks Donkey Kong Jr. for his hard work, dubbing him "the best monkey wrestler of all eras". Later, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones say their goodbyes to Biff and King. As they approach the gate, Bones accidentally blasts up and over the gate, to which Donkey Kong Jr. says, "That my buddy Bones! Always showin' off!"

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • When King is digging through the prison cell, he is seen in front of the mound. However, Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, and Biff are seen jumping into a hole behind the mound.