Jenny's father

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Jenny's father in Saturday Supercade
Jenny's father

Jenny's father is a character in the Saturday Supercade episode Trucknapper Caper. He is a renowned Texan truck driver.

Jenny's father first appears at the beginning of the episode, where he stopped to fuel up at the same gas station Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones were at. After he was kidnapped by the Trucknappers, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones hopped a fence to infiltrate their hideout.

During the climactic fight with the Trucknappers, Jenny's father and the other kidnapped truck drivers were on the verge of falling to their deaths thanks to Bones accidentally pushing the truck they were being held in over the edge of a cliff, but Donkey Kong Jr. managed to lasso the truck and pulled it back into place, ensuring their survival.

He is not seen again until the very end of the episode, where he thanked the duo for rescuing him, and also for landing the Trucknappers in jail.