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Species Human
First appearance Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)

Dweezil is a character in Mario Tennis: Power Tour who hails from Empire. In the Island Open singles tournament, he is defeated in the quarterfinal round by Willy. In the previous year, he defeated Elroy in the final round of the singles tournament. He's somewhat of a celebrity at Empire, and he tends to look down on rookies in the tournament. In the doubles tournament, he is partnered with Mynx. Clay and Ace face the two of them in the semifinal round of the tournament. The previous year, he and Mynx defeated Elroy and Tori in the final round of the doubles tournament. He is more famous for his singles play, though.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダズール
French Dazzle -
German Daniel -
Italian Lucio -
Spanish d'Azur -