Peach Dome

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Overview of the Peach Dome.
Overview of the Peach Dome
A complete view of Peach Dome as seen in the Mario Tennis: Power Tour opening

The Peach Dome is a basic court in Mario Power Tennis. It has 3 courts, involving a Hard Court, Grass Court and Clay Court. All World Open and Star tournaments take place on this court. The special game Artist On the Court also takes place on this court.

A version of Peach Dome also appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour as the only court to appear in the game that is also in the console version. However, it appears as if it has been changed to fit in with Peach's style, such as a pink and green colored court with hearts placed in and around it. The walls had been changed to blue and the sides of the court are yellow rather than gray. While the seats are red during the cutscenes, the seats appear to be more orange than red during gameplay. This is the only court to be in Mario World. The court is used in Peach Tournament, and is unlocked for exhibition matches by completing the said tournament.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチドーム
Pīchi Dōmu
Peach Dome
French Dôme Peach Peach Dome
Italian PalaPeach Peach Dome
Spanish Estadio Peach Peach Stadium