Service Ace

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Clay and Ace in front of the Service Ace.
Clay and Ace in front of the Service Ace

The Service Ace is a restaurant that appears in the Game Boy Color game, Mario Tennis, as well as its Game Boy Advance sequel, Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It has white and brown walls on the outside. The exterior also contains a picture of a coffee mug, directly above the entrance door. In front of the building are two tables with umbrellas. A green stand in front of the door has the specials. This restaurant is where Clay and Ace go to investigate about the masked players. If they walk straight after entering the restaurant, they will come across a booth with two seats. Further on, they can come across three more tables. In the bottom of the center of the restaurant is a small buffet. Two chefs are behind the buffet. To the right of the buffet is an exit which leads to the two tables outside. Various plants can be seen throughout the restaurant. To the left of the main entrance, a staircase leads to the Tea Lounge. The Tea Lounge has five tables with many people sitting at them.