Swift Spin

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Clay participates in Swift Spin
“This is the Swift Spin, a new training machine for building PS Spin.”
Minigame Instructor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Swift Spin is the second minigame in Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance. It helps Clay or Ace build up spin, which will benefit their Power Shot. The control for spinning up is the A Button button, and for spinning down the B Button button is used. Also, +Control Pad is for moving left and right. The player will go in a room with flame geysers, which are miniature cannons that shoot fire. The object is to collect the Coins before time runs out. The yellow coin is worth one point, the red coin is worth five, and the blue coin is worth ten. If the player touches the fire, they will burn for a few seconds and then will be able to continue. The time to collect the coins varies. For the first level, the player gets fifty seconds, for the second level they get seventy, and for the third level they get ninety. The points also vary, too. For the first level, the player needs one hundred points, for the second level they need two hundred, and for the third level, they need three hundred.

While the machine is being repaired when the player first encounters it, it's mentioned that someone used it and was so disoriented they lost a ranking match. Based on conversations later in varsity class, that person is implied to be Flit.

In-game descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Collect coins and earn as many points as you can in 50 seconds. You need 100 points.
Level 2: Collect coins and earn as many points as you can in 70 seconds. You need 200 points.
Level 3: Collect coins and earn as many points as you can in 90 seconds. You need 300 points.
Challenge: See how many points you can get before the flame geysers hit you. Try for a new record!