Roy (Mario Tennis: Power Tour)

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Roy (Power Tour).jpg
Species Human
First appearance Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)
Latest portrayal Takashi Nagasako (2005)

Roy is a character from Mario Tennis: Power Tour. He holds the second rank in the Senior Class singles, the first rank in the Senior Class Doubles and the fourth rank in the Varsity Class Doubles at the Academy. He is an all-around-type character and his doubles partner is Emi in the Senior Class Doubles and Skipper on the Varsity Class Doubles. His power shot is the normal Power shot. At first he seems overconfident yet insecure (stating that he felt the need to rout Kyoko in order for her not to steal his rank), but after the player beats him he becomes more and more agreeable. Eventually he expresses annoyance that the Island Open cheering is all for Elroy, stating that both the player and Elroy are part of the Academy.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リュウ
French Ryu -
German Ron -
Italian Gastone -
Spanish Ryu -