Superswift Save

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Superswift Save
Chas uses the Superswift Save.
Used by Chas, Dweezil, Clay, Ace
Type Defensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour
PS Points 3 Speed

The Superswift Save is a Defensive Power Shot that appears in the game Mario Tennis: Power Tour. This Power Shot is used by Chas and Dweezil and can also be used by Clay or Ace. In order to obtain it, Clay or Ace must reach 3 PS Speed points, which are obtained by playing the Treadmill and Duck Walk mini games. Upon activation, the user while lunge for the ball, in a similar fashion to a normal lunge or the Running Save. This shot can be considered an enhanced version of the Running Save, as evidenced by it's description and similar effects.

In-game description[edit]

"An enhanced Running Save that can reach distant balls."