Specter Shot

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Specter Shot
Ace performing the Specter Shot.
Used by Clay, Ace
Type Offensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour
PS Points 8 Spin
6 Balance

The Specter Shot is an Offensive Power Shot that appears exclusively in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It is only used by Clay and Ace, and to be unlocked requires 8 PS Spin Points, 6 PS Balance Points and 6 PS ESP Points. Once activated, Clay or Ace will spin in circles while being surrounded by various equipment, such as a chair, Game Boy Advance, water bottle, Family Computer, cap, laptop, sunglasses and radio. This will change very time that the shot is used, meaning that it is unlikely to receive the same items every time. Afterwards, the user will hit the ball, causing the equipment to follow. If the opponent returns the shot, they will receive some knockback and constantly be electrocuted, stopping their movement, similar to the Thunder Cast Shot and Lightning Spear. This Power Shot gets its name from the way that the equipment circles the player, as if a ghost is moving the equipment.

In-game description[edit]

"A spooky shot that will leave foes paralyzed with fear."