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This article is about the world explored in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. For the 1990 SNES video game, see Super Mario World. For the canceled Philips CD-i successor to said game, see Super Mario's Wacky Worlds. For the 2013 Wii U video game, see Super Mario 3D World.
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Mario World, called Mario's world in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, refers to the area that the Smithy Gang attempts to conquer. After Mario rescues Princess Toadstool from King Bowser, a giant sword known as Exor plunges into Bowser's Keep and sends the three characters flying in different directions from the impact. To locate the princess and investigate the cause of the sword's appearance, Mario begins to travel the world, eventually finding the cloud Mallow and the mysterious self-aware doll Geno. Geno reveals that he is actually an emissary of the Star Road, which was shattered by Exor shortly before he crashed into Bowser's Keep. The Star Road grants the wishes of the world, which take the form of small shooting stars that fall on the mystical Star Hill. Smithy sent his crew to collect the fallen Star Pieces, fragments of Star Road, to prevent it from ever being restored and to fulfill his own dream of filling the world with weapons. Together, the three continue to work their way around Mario World, eventually recruiting Bowser and Toadstool, and they collect the seven Star Pieces along the way. After Smithy is defeated, the full seven Star Pieces restore Star Road, Exor disappears, and peace returns to Mario World.

Other usages of the name[edit]

  • "Mario World" is the name of a mini-game featured in Family BASIC V3.
  • The term "Mario World" is used in the instruction booklet of the console ports of Mario is Missing! However, in that context, it may instead refer to the direct counterpart of "the real world", which was a distinguishing concept utilized in contemporary cartoon and film media.
  • The name is used in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, though in that instance it appears to apply to the small floating area in the clouds which houses the Peach Airport and Peach Dome.
  • The name is used in Mario Golf: World Tour as a classification of nine-hole golf courses with elements from the Super Mario franchise where Character Costume challenges take place.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオワールド
Mario Wārudo
Mario World
Italian Mondo di Mario Mario's World