Mario Golf: World Tour

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Mario Golf: World Tour
Box NA - Mario Golf World Tour.jpg
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Camelot Software Planning
Nintendo SPD Group No.4
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Release date Japan May 1, 2014
South Korea May 1, 2014
USA May 2, 2014
Europe May 2, 2014
Australia May 3, 2014
Genre Sport
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.svg - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Play
Nintendo 3DS:
3DS Card Icon.png Game Card
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo 3DS:

Mario Golf: World Tour is a sport title for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the third handheld installment of the Mario Golf series, and the fifth installment in the series overall. The game features gyroscope support and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing players to participate in online Tournaments against other players from around the world. The game makes use of downloadable content, in which extra courses and characters may be bought with real money. It is the first and thus far only Mario Golf game to have been released after its tennis counterpart.


MGWT screenshot.png

The gameplay is similar to past installments of the Mario Golf series. Players have to hit shots while taking into account character attributes, wind, weather, and course topography. The power, accuracy, and spin of shots are determined by the timing when the player taps buttons or the touch screen as a target line slides up and down the power meter. A simplified control system, like the Auto control system from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, returns where the player has to worry only about the power of the shot, at the expense of being unable to add topspin or backspin. The touch screen can now be used for selecting clubs, initiating shots, and adding spin. Plus, the trajectory of the shot can be altered by moving the circle pad or by using the touch screen as the shot meter is in motion; this is similar to the impact zone feature of past games. A new feature, known as Item Shots, allows players to hit shots with different effects via items. These include burning through trees with a Fire Flower, creating Jump Blocks over water hazards, ignoring wind via Bullet Bill, increasing draw or fade by Boomerang, and freezing the terrain with an Ice Flower. These items can be collected by hitting ? Blocks on the course, although players sometimes start holes with items.



  • Circle Pad/+Control Pad - Select Option
  • A Button - Confirm
  • B Button - Cancel
  • R Button - Star Character
  • L Button - Make Character Left-handed


  • Circle Pad/+Control Pad - Select Shot Path/Move Camera/Change Clubs/Select Ball Hit Placement (while swinging)
  • A Button - Begin Swing/Confirm Sweet Spot Position (manual)
  • B Button - Cancel Swing/Confirm Sweet Spot Position (manual)
  • A Button+A Button - Topspin
  • A Button+B Button - Super Topspin
  • B Button+B Button - Backspin
  • B Button+A Button - Super Backspin
  • Y Button - Select Shot Type
  • X Button - Change Camera
  • R Button - Decrease Power Bar
  • L Button - Increase Power Bar
  • Start Button - Pause Menu

Castle Club

  • +Control Pad/Circle Pad - Move
  • A Button - Talk/Confirm
  • Start Button - Pause Menu



The complete character select screen.

The game includes 13 default characters as well as four unlockable characters, with an additional four available as downloadable content, making a total of 21 characters. When the bonus characters are unlocked or downloaded, they immediately get a star rank.

The DLC character screen.

Below is a table of the playable characters. Note that Height is on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest-flying shot and 10 being the highest. Sweet Spot and Control are out of 11. When a character curves the ball, it is either called a fade or draw. A fade is when the ball curves in the direction of the dominant hand and a draw is when the ball curves opposite the direction of the dominant hand. When a shot is used with a curve on a hole with a higher surface, the ball can either over-curve or under-curve, resulting in misplacing of the ball.


Stronger Star versions of the default characters can be unlocked by beating them in their respective character match in Challenges mode.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Mario Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Luigi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Princess Peach Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Yoshi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png
Trajectory Straight Trajectory Fade Trajectory Straight Trajectory Straight
Height 6.5 Height 3.5 Height 4.5 Height 5
Drive 215 yards Drive 206 yards Drive 200 yards Drive 208 yards
Sweet-Spot 6.1 Sweet-Spot 7.9 Sweet-Spot 8.3 Sweet-Spot 7.25
Control 5.25 Control 6.25 Control 6.75 Control 6.1
Star Drive 280 yards (+65) Star Drive 240 yards (+34) Star Drive 233 yards (+33) Star Drive 250 yards (+42)
Star Sweet-Spot 3.3 Star Sweet-Spot 6.1 Star Sweet-Spot 7.25 Star Sweet-Spot 5.05
Star Control 4.5 Star Control 6 Star Control 6.3 Star Control 5.6
Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Wiggler Park Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Cheep Cheep Lagoon Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Peach Gardens Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Yoshi Lake
Daisy Donkey Kong Bowser Wario
Daisy Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Donkey Kong Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Bowser Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Wario Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png
Trajectory Draw Trajectory Draw Trajectory Fade Trajectory Fade
Height 7.5 Height 4 Height 5 Height 2.25
Drive 213 yards Drive 217 yards Drive 220 yards Drive 209 yards
Sweet-Spot 6.1 Sweet-Spot 5.6 Sweet-Spot 5.6 Sweet-Spot 7.25
Control 5.6 Control 5.05 Control 5.05 Control 6
Star Drive 270 yards (+57) Star Drive 283 yards (+66) Star Drive 290 yards (+70) Star Drive 258 yards (+49)
Star Sweet-Spot 4 Star Sweet-Spot 2.9 Star Sweet-Spot 2.9 Star Sweet-Spot 5.05
Star Control 4.9 Star Control 4.1 Star Control 4.1 Star Control 5.25
Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Forest Course Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given DK Jungle Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Bowser's Castle Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Seaside Course front nine
Waluigi Boo Bowser Jr. Diddy Kong
Waluigi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Boo Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Bowser Jr. Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png Diddy Kong Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png
Trajectory Draw Trajectory Draw Trajectory Straight Trajectory Draw
Height 5 Height 4.25 Height 4 Height 6.25
Drive 208 yards Drive 209 yards Drive 210 yards Drive 211 yards
Sweet-Spot 7.9 Sweet-Spot 7.25 Sweet-Spot 6.75 Sweet-Spot 6.75
Control 6.1 Control 6.1 Control 6 Control 6
Star Drive 246 yards (+38) Star Drive 255 yards (+46) Star Drive 260 yards (+50) Star Drive 264 yards (+53)
Star Sweet-Spot 5.6 Star Sweet-Spot 5.1 Star Sweet-Spot 4.5 Star Sweet-Spot 4.5
Star Control 5.6 Star Control 5.25 Star Control 5.05 Star Control 5.05
Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Seaside Course back nine Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Mountain Course front nine Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Mountain Course back nine Challenge Mode Character Match course for star rank to be given Sky Island


These characters can be obtained by collecting a specific amount of Star Coins in Challenge Mode, after all Mario World courses are unlocked.

Toad Kamek Paratroopa Birdo
Toad MGWT.png Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy.png Paratroopa NSMB artwork.png MP9 Birdo Main Artwork.png
Trajectory Draw Trajectory Fade Trajectory Straight Trajectory Fade
Height 6 Height 4.25 Height 5.5 Height 6
Drive 203 yards Drive 214 yards Drive 207 yards Drive 212 yards
Sweet-Spot 8.3 Sweet-Spot 6.1 Sweet-Spot 7.9 Sweet-Spot 6.75
Control 6.9 Control 5.25 Control 6.3 Control 5.6
Star Drive 237 yards (+34) Star Drive 277 yards (+63) Star Drive 243 yards (+36) Star Drive 267 yards (+55)
Star Sweet-Spot 6.75 Star Sweet-Spot 3.3 Star Sweet-Spot 6.1 Star Sweet-Spot 4
Star Control 6.1 Star Control 4.5 Star Control 6 Star Control 4.9
Number of Challenge Mode Star Coins needed to unlock 40 Number of Challenge Mode Star Coins needed to unlock 45 Number of Challenge Mode Star Coins needed to unlock 50 Number of Challenge Mode Star Coins needed to unlock 55


Gold Mario Toadette Nabbit Rosalina
Gold Mario.png Toadette111.png NabbitNSMBU.png Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy.png
Trajectory Straight Trajectory Straight Trajectory Draw Trajectory Fade
Height 6.5 Height 4.25 Height 1.75 Height 7.75
Drive 215 yards Drive 198 yards Drive 213 yards Drive 218 yards
Sweet-Spot 6.1 Sweet-Spot 8.3 Sweet-Spot 6.1 Sweet-Spot 5.6
Control 5.25 Control 7.05 Control 5.6 Control 5.05
Star Drive 280 yards (+65) Star Drive 230 yards (+32) Star Drive 274 yards (+61) Star Drive 286 yards (+68)
Star Sweet-Spot 3.3 Star Sweet-Spot 7.9 Star Sweet-Spot 4 Star Sweet-Spot 2.9
Star Control 4.5 Star Control 6.75 Star Control 4.9 Star Control 4.1
Purchasing criteria Buy Season Pass or all DLC packs separately Purchasing criteria Buy Mushroom Pack or Season Pass Purchasing criteria Buy Flower Pack or Season Pass Purchasing criteria Buy Star Pack or Season Pass


Mii artwork-MGWT.png
Trajectory Straight
Height 5
Drive 210 yards
Sweet-Spot 5.6
Control 5.6


These characters appear as either non-playable characters in Castle Club that players can interact with or as background elements in many of the various golf courses in the game.

Customizable gear

Main article: List of Mario Golf: World Tour Mii gear

There is a variety of purchasable gear that can be used to customize the player's Mii that will affect their stats. The game will have 500 customizable gear items. If a player equips a Mii with a full character gear set the Mii will play similarly to that character. At first, participating in tournaments is the only way players can unlock gear that are not available in the store. But it will start selling them once a major tournament has ended. However, players have to enter major tournaments to earn clothing sets themed after these tournaments.


Various items can be used during gameplay to affect the player's shots. At the start of the game, the player is given the number of items equivalent to the number of holes being played on divided by three. More can be received when the player hits the ball through ? Blocks, which give the player random items. If the ball goes through a box with a picture of an item on it, the player gets that item. In player-tournaments, a set amount of items can be chosen for the tournament players to receive before starting.

Name Image Description
Mushroom MushroomMGWT.jpg Makes the ball roll far once it lands.
Fire Flower FireFlowerMG.jpg Increases the shot distance and burns through trees and obstacles.
Ice Flower IceFlowerMG.jpg Freezes terrain to allow the ball to bounce multiple times. This item also works on water, but not on lava.
Bullet Bill BulletBillMG.jpg Turns the ball into a Bullet Bill and blasts it in a straight line. Ignores wind and greatly increases maximum distance.
Bob-omb Bob-ombMG.jpg Ignores power-reducing terrain, allowing the ball to be hit at full power in the rough.
Boomerang Flower BoomerangFlowerMG.jpg Drastically increases the draw or fade of the shot.
Note Block NoteBlockMG.jpg Creates a Jump Block in midair, letting the ball avoid hazards.
Tornado Tornado.jpg A tornado that sucks up nearby coins.
Kab-omb Kab-Omb.jpg Explodes in mid-air to drop the ball straight down.
Gold Flower GoldFlower.png Has the same effect as the Fire Flower, plus gives the player coins for every yard the ball travels.


Mario Golf: World Tour has the most courses of all Mario Golf games, with 16, including the downloadable courses, making a total of 234 holes. The Castle Club courses have 18 holes and have championships that the Mii can compete in against other Mario characters. The Mario World Courses contain gimmicks based on different Mario games and have nine holes. All these courses can be accessed through both Mario Golf (quick round) and Castle Club. The six downloadable courses, which must be bought with real money, are taken from the Nintendo 64 game with updated music and graphics. Some of these courses have changed appearances to look like specific worlds from New Super Mario Bros. U.

Name Image Holes Par Description Unlock Condition Course Type
Forest Course MGWT Forest Course.jpg 18 72 A forest-themed course where multi-colored hills can be seen in the distance. Default Castle Club
Seaside Course MGWT Seaside Course.jpg 18 72 A course located near a beach with a similar appearance to Blooper Bay. Default Castle Club
Mountain Course MGWT Desert Course.jpg 18 72 A mountainous desert-themed course with multi-colored cacti. Default Castle Club
Sky Island SkyIslandArt.jpg 18 54 A course set in the sky, where clouds, Para-Beetles, and Jumbo Rays can be seen. All holes are par 3. Complete the nine-hole One-On, One-Putt challenge in the Castle Club mode Castle Club
Peach Gardens MGWT Castle Course.jpg 9 36 A Peach's Castle-themed course with pink greens, fairways, and roughs. Default Mario World
Yoshi Lake MGWT Canyon Course.jpg 9 36 A course with many pools of standing water, resembling Yoshi's Woolly World and some levels of Yoshi's Story. 7 Star Coins Mario World
Wiggler Park MGWT Garden Course.jpg 9 36 A flower garden course with a Big Goomba and other giant characters. 14 Star Coins Mario World
Cheep Cheep Lagoon Mario golf world tour lagoon map.jpg 9 36 An underwater course with Cheep Cheeps and other marine creatures. 21 Star Coins Mario World
DK Jungle DKJungleGolfCourse.jpg 9 36 A Donkey Kong Country Returns themed course, featuring Screaming Pillars and Barrel Cannons. 28 Star Coins Mario World
Bowser's Castle BowserCastleGolfCourse.jpg 9 36 A Bowser-themed course, with many Thwomps and Bob-ombs which will explode if contacted. 35 Star Coins Mario World
Toad Highlands ToadHighlands.jpg 18 72 Toad Highlands from Mario Golf, updated with improved music and graphics. Buy Mushroom Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses
Koopa Park KoopaPark.jpg 18 72 Koopa Park from Mario Golf, updated with improved music and graphics. Buy Mushroom Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses
Layer-Cake Desert Mario Golf Cake Desert.jpg 18 72 Shy Guy Desert from Mario Golf, updated to resemble Layer-Cake Desert from New Super Mario Bros. U. Buy Flower Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses
Sparkling Waters Sparkling Mario Golf.png 18 72 Yoshi's Island from Mario Golf, updated to resemble Sparkling Waters from New Super Mario Bros. U. Buy Flower Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses
Rock-Candy Mines Rock Mario Golf.png 18 72 Boo Valley from Mario Golf, updated to resemble Rock-Candy Mines from New Super Mario Bros. U. Buy Star Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses
Mario's Star Space Peach Course.png 18 72 Mario's Star from Mario Golf with a Super Mario Galaxy theme and changes in layout and music. Buy Star Pack or Season Pass Downloadable Courses

Game modes

There are two main modes of play: Mario Golf (Quick Round), and Castle Club.

Mario Golf

Mario Golf (Quick Round) is similar to past Mario Golf games, where the player can select a Mushroom Kingdom character or a customized Mii. It features a variety of modes such as Single Player (including Stroke Play, Match Play, Speed Golf, and Point Tourney, all of which provide coins for the player), Vs. (Local Play, Online Friends, and Community Match), and Tournaments (Mario Open and user-created Private Tournaments). Additional regional and worldwide online tournaments are available on the entry floor of the Castle Club.

Single Player

This mode allows players to take on a round by themselves, and against the clock or a computer opponent, as well as Challenges, where courses, Star characters, and Mii costumes can be unlocked. The first four modes allow the player to select any unlocked course. The following settings can be adjusted: number of holes (three, six, nine, or 18), order of holes (normal or mixed), wind strength, whether or not to use items or club slots or have coins on the course, whether to start from hole 1 or hole 10 (when playing the holes in normal order), what tees to start from (regular, back, or tournament), and whether or not to display the shot trajectory. Playing rounds may earn the player Best Badges and will randomly unlock Mii Gear for the player's Mii to use.

Stroke Play

A standard round of golf, where the player's score is compared to par.

Match Play

The player competes against a computer-controlled opponent. The winner of the round is whichever player wins more holes, although if the players are tied by the end of the game, it will proceed into Sudden Death and go through the selected course again until someone wins. The player may choose the opponents skill level, ranging in five different varieties, two of which need to be unlocked.

Difficulty Description Availability
Novice An opponent that makes mistakes frequently, such as making mis-hits, having bad putting and incorrect reading of the green. Initially Available
Intermediate An opponent that has less mistakes than a Novice CPU, however still makes them frequently. Initially Available
Expert An opponent that makes mistakes but doesn't do so too often, being able to get out of rough easily on occasion. Initially Available
Semipro An opponent that has little flaws in its game, only rarely mis-hitting. Unlocked by collecting 90 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.
Pro An opponent with almost no flaws in its game, correctly hitting every shot. Unlocked by collecting 100 Moon Coins in Challenge Mode.
Speed Golf
A Mii is ready to tee off in Speed Golf.

Instead of counting strokes, the player's score is determined by how much time is taken to sink the ball.

Point Tourney

Scored via a modified version of the Stableford scoring system. The player is awarded eight points for an albatross or a hole in one, five for an eagle, three for a birdie, two for a par, and one for a bogey. A double bogey or worse scores zero.

Main article: List of Mario Golf: World Tour challenges

Each of the game's courses, including downloadable courses, have ten Star Coin challenges and ten Moon Coin challenges (the latter are more difficult, and unlocked by earning 90 Star Coins). They take the following forms:

Star (or Moon) Coin Collector - A Star (or Moon) Coin is placed somewhere on a hole. The player must hit the coin with the ball, then complete the hole in par or better.
Ring Master - Multiple rings are placed around the hole. The player must hit the ball through all of the rings, then complete the hole in par or better.
100 Coins - A three-hole challenge where Coins are placed around each hole. The player is given a number of shots two less than the hole's par, and attempts to hit the ball into 100 coins over the course of the three holes. (Gold Mario is banned from this challenge due to having the Gold Flower attached to him at all times.)
Score Attack - The player must complete nine holes of stroke play, and match or beat the given target score.
Character Match - A nine-hole match play competition against a Mushroom Kingdom character with a set difficulty. Winning this match also unlocks the star version of that character for use.
Time Attack - The player must complete three holes within the given time limit.
Point Challenge - A three-hole challenge. On each hole, Club Slots are spun, which limits the player to no more than three clubs (plus a putter) for the duration of the hole unless the player lines up three Stars on the slots, in which case they will have all of their clubs available. One way to make this happen is to stop the first two slots on Stars, making the third slot spin fast and always land on a Star no matter when it is stopped. Point Tourney scoring applies, and the player must earn at least the given target number of points within the three holes.
One-On, One-Putt Challenge - Sky Island only. If a tee shot misses the green, the challenge is failed. If a birdie putt is missed, the challenge is failed. To succeed, the player must clear all holes consecutively by landing the ball on the green in the first stroke (the fringe will not count), then putting the ball into the cup for the next. Getting a hole-in-one will also mark the hole as cleared.


This is the game's multiplayer mode. Local play is available for up to four players, but it does not support download play. During multiplayer, all players play at the same time, which speeds up play significantly because players do not have to wait until it is their turn to play. However, all players must finish the hole before they are allowed to move on. Players can see the ghost shots of other players and on-screen icons also show how the player's shots measure with the other players' in terms of distance. Players can send taunts or cheers to each other by pressing icons, as well as emoticons. Matches with online friends and community matches can also be played from this menu.

Skins Match

In addition to Stroke Play, Match Play, Speed Golf, and Point Tourney from the single-player mode, Skins Matches are playable, though exclusive to multiplayer. They are very similar to Match Play in that the goal is to earn the most points. However, this mode can be played by 2-4 players, and rather than having a set point goal, the player with the most points after a set number of holes wins. This mode does not support simultaneous play.

Castle Club

The main lobby of the Castle Club

Castle Club is a story mode where the player's Mii tackles different tournaments (similar to the story modes from previous handheld Mario Golf games). The building is the Mushroom Kingdom counterpart to real-life golf country clubs. To the left and right of the entrance are the boys' and girls' locker rooms respectively. At the center of the lobby are two staircases leading to the basement, where the player can enter regional and world tournaments and ask the purple Toad for advice on golf terminology. To the left of the doorway to the Castle Club's exterior is the boutique, where the player's Mii is able to use Coins to buy equipment that will affect its stats, such as drive distance and shot trajectory, similar to the Mii customization feature in Mario Tennis Open. The player can change his/her gear by accessing the pause menu from anywhere in the Castle Club, or by going to the locker room of the Mii's gender and pressing A Button when in front of the locker. Above the boutique is the Royal Room, where most of the Mario playable characters can be met. Located opposite the boutique is the gym, and on top of that is the trophy room. Just outside the Castle Club is the Caddie Master's booth where the player can sign up for a handicap tournament. After completing that, the player will be allowed to compete in tournaments, located on the Forest Course, the Seaside Course, and the Mountain Course in that order. The entrances to these courses are located to the right of the booth, and when the player goes into one of them, he/she can either go for a stroke play (front tees are used) or the course championship (back tees are used). Completing either of these modes can raise or lower the player's handicap, and when a tournament is won, the player appears in the Royal Room to receive his/her trophy from Princess Peach.

The entrance to the Forest Course outside the Castle Club

To the left of the Caddie Master's booth is the Royal Garden, which has pipes leading to the six Mario World courses, and a passageway to the Royal Room. Entering these pipes will put the player in a practice round on any of the courses, where the player uses the front tees, starts out with a few items and can grab more from Item Boxes around the course, and hits the ball through coins that appear as well. At the far left of this garden is an aura which will summon Kamek when the player approaches it. Kamek can exchange play coins for game coins, change his/her dominant hand, allow mulligans (the ability to redo strokes), or change the player's swing type, all at a cost of a huge amount of coins. After all three course championships are won, Costume Challenges will begin appearing in the Royal Garden, where players can unlock costumes by completing objectives such as collecting a certain amount of coins, finishing in a short period of time, and beating a target score using Club Slots, all on Mario World courses. Unlike in Quick Round, where the challenges only cover three specific holes and the front or back tees are used, Costume Challenges take place on all nine holes and tournament tees are used. To the right of the main course entrances is an area with entrances to training grounds where players can take a golf tutorial (no gate) and practice their drives (purple gate), approaches (blue gate), and putts (green gate). The practice sessions come in different levels, and the goal is get the ball as close to the pin as possible -- or even sink the ball -- to earn practice points. Succeeding 20 times in the training games each for drives, approaches, and putts will give the player costumes of Bee Mario, Cloud Mario, and Boomerang Mario respectively. Past the practice grounds is the entrance to Sky Island, where the player takes on the One-On, One-Putt challenge, which requires the player to get the ball onto the green in one shot, then putt that ball in the next for nine consecutive holes. If the ball misses the green or just lands on the fringe, or the putt is missed at any point, the challenge is failed. Upon completion, the course will be unlocked and a 18-hole version can be played in Castle Club in its stead. Taking the One-On, One-Putt challenge again and clearing all 18 holes will award the player with a Propeller Mario costume.

Toad's Booth

Hosted by a blue Toad, this is primarily where players can purchase downloadable content. Records for each game mode, including the number of eagles, albatrosses, and holes-in-one made, can also be viewed here. Players can also visit this booth to learn how to play the game, and see a glossary of golf terminology.

Online tournaments

The Castle Tournament gold trophy.

Mario Golf: World Tour features a variety of online tournaments for players to take part in. They can either be made by Nintendo with golf gear as participation prizes (barring DLC tournaments), by other players from across the world in the form of Private Tournaments, or made by Callaway Golf in partnership with Nintendo. SpotPass must be turned on for tournaments to be entered.

After playing through a tournament, the player must upload their score in order for it to be ranked (by score then order of submission) in the leaderboard which can be viewed at any time during the tournament period. Tournaments can be played an infinite amount of times until the deadline has been met, allowing for continuous improvement of a player's score. Most tournaments last for two weeks, those on downloadable courses are one week long, and major tournaments last for almost a month. After a deadline ends for a tournament, the final standings can be viewed in an award ceremony, and both a trophy (gold for the top 10%, silver for the top 20-30%, and bronze for the top 40-60%) and coins are received depending on how the player places. Gaining a trophy in certain regional or worldwide tournaments will allow the player to enter one of four yearly major worldwide tournaments (such as the Castle Tournament or Star Open) that reward the player with a more impressive trophy and a larger coin payout.

Trophies earned from Regional and World Tournaments in the Castle Club appear on the shelf at the back of the trophy hall (a maximum of ten normal trophies can be on display at any one time), and trophies from major tournaments appear in the glass display towards the center of the room. Gold trophies appear beside the screen in the middle, silver ones are seen farther from it, and bronze ones are placed at the far sides of the hall. World tournament trophies appear towards the middle and those for regional tournaments are placed at the sides. The higher the end ranking the player got in a tournament, the closer to the middle its trophy is placed.

Official Online Tournaments were concluded with World Tour Final, which started on December 20th, 2018, and ended on January 10th, 2019.

Here are the types of tournaments created so far:

Tournament Tournament type Course Range Mode Origin date Coin reward Tees Wind
Fixed-Character Tournament Mario Open Mario World Stroke Play May 1st, 2014 30,000 Regular Normal
Limited-Character Coin Rush Mario Open Mario World Coin Collector May 1st, 2014 27,000 Regular Normal
Limited-Item Coin Rush Mario Open Mario World Coin Collector May 1st, 2014 27,000 Regular Normal
Regional Tournament Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play May 1st, 2014 36,000 Back Normal
Regional Point Play Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play May 1st, 2014 19,000 Regular Normal
Regional Near-Pin Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play May 1st, 2014 18,000 Regular Normal
World Tournament World Tour Castle Club Stroke Play May 1st, 2014 24,000 Back Normal
DLC Coin Rush Mario Open Downloadable Courses Coin Collector May 1st, 2014 45,000 Regular Normal
Limited-Item Tournament Mario Open Mario World Coin Collector May 8th, 2014 30,000 Regular Normal
DLC Tournament Mario Open Downloadable Courses Stroke Play May 8th, 2014 48,000 Regular Normal
Regional Double Peoria Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play
(Double Peoria)
May 15th, 2014 18,000 Regular Normal
Regional Handicap Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play
May 15th, 2014 19,000 ??? ???
Regional Speed Golf Regional Tournament Castle Club Speed Golf May 22nd, 2014 19,000 Regular Normal
Regional One-On, One-Putt Regional Tournament Castle Club One-On, One-Putt Contest May 22nd, 2014 18,000 Regular Strong
Callaway Tournament Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play May 22nd, 2014 72,000 ??? ???
Expert Tournament Regional Tournament Castle Club Stroke Play ??? 38,000 Back Strong
Major Tournament World Tour Castle Club Stroke Play June 12th, 2014 54,000 Tournament Normal
Open Coin Rush Mario Open Mario World Coin Collector June 12th, 2014 27,000 Regular Normal
Open Tournament Mario Open Mario World Stroke Play June 12th, 2014 30,000 Regular Normal
Regional Driving Contest Regional Tournament Castle Club Best Drive Contest July 10th, 2014 18,000 Back Strong
World Tour Final Mario Open Castle Club Stroke Play December 20th, 2018 54,000 Tournament Normal

Regional Tournaments

In the Castle Club's basement, the player's Mii can go into a pipe on the red entry machine to join Regional Tournaments. These restrict participants to those in the chosen region(s). The clothing prizes for these tournaments are obtained individually, and are themed after the playable characters (not the downloadable ones), and some enemies and items. Additionally, Callaway Golf has teamed up with Nintendo to produce Callaway-based regional tournaments, which will give the players sponsored Callaway Gear for the Mii to equip during the tournaments and to keep afterwards.

Double Peoria - Players try to get the best net score, factoring in their handicap.
Handicap Tournament - Players try to get a score which can make the biggest improvement in their handicap.
Expert Tournament - Designed specifically for advanced players, the courses in these tournaments have narrower fairways, more obstacles, deeper bunkers, and Tournament Greens, and no flight path is used. These tournaments are played on the front nine of one of the Castle Club courses and the back nine of another. Hole 1 or hole 10 is started with.
Near-Pin Challenge - Players try to get the ball as close as possible to the pin in a single stroke. The ball must land on the green for the distance to be recorded. This tournament can be played on Sky Island, on either the front nine or back nine, and the holes are done in the normal order. It also takes place on any nine par-3 holes from the other courses, which are played in a random order. The One-On, One-Putt Challenge music is used for this tournament, and the Sky Island flag is used no matter what course is being played on.
Driving Contest - One-hole tournaments which are done on par 5 holes. Players are only given one stroke to hit the ball as far as possible. The ball should land on the fairway for the distance to be recorded.

World Tournaments

On the other side of the Castle Club's basement, the blue entry machine has a pipe leading to World Tournaments, which pit the player against the whole world. The clothing prizes for these tournaments are earned in complete sets and designed like Nintendo gaming devices and themed after the major tournaments.

Major tournaments are like the expert tournaments, only that the flight path is turned on. Four of these happen every year. The Castle Tournament is in the Forest Course, the Star Open is in the Seaside Course, and the Moon Open is in the Mountain Course. In these tournaments, the holes are played in the regular order. The World Championship takes place on all three courses at once, six holes being played on for each course, and the holes are done in a mixed order.

Mario Open

In addition to Castle Club Tournaments, Nintendo has also created Mario Open tournaments which allow the use of Mario characters, and are played on Mario World courses and downloadable courses. Tournaments in this category cover nine holes, so on the downloadable courses, either the front nine or back nine are played on. All of these tournaments are world tournaments, but they award pieces of clothing for the Mii in the same way as the regional tournaments. Mario Open tournaments are stroke-play or coin-collecting tournaments, and when there are no item restrictions, players start out with three different items. Fixed-character tournaments limit players to using a specific character, and that character is not allowed to have a star rank. In limited-item tournaments, players can only use a particular item, and they start out with five of it. Players can also make their own unofficial Mario Open tournaments under rules of their choice for other players to enjoy.

Downloadable content

Mushroom Pack
Description: Toadette takes up the clubs in the first DLC pack for the game. You'll also get two brand new courses to play: Toad Highlands and Koopa Park. This pack will definitely grow on you.

Release Date: May 2, 2014

Price: US$5.99 / CAN$6.49 / €5.99 / £5.39 / AUS$7.80 / ₽239

Blocks: 447


  • Toad Highlands: Toad Highlands from Mario Golf now graphically updated, with Toad-shaped hedges and Toad Houses.
  • Koopa Park: Koopa Park from Mario Golf now graphically updated, taking place at sunset and with Koopa Troopa balloons.

Character: Toadette

Flower Pack
Description: Delicious! The Layer-Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters courses are perfect complements to each other in this pack. You'll also snag the character Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. U.

Release Date: May 22, 2014

Price: US$5.99 / CAN$6.49 / €5.99 / £5.39 / AUS$7.80 / ₽239

Blocks: 447


Character: Nabbit

Star Pack
Description: The two stellar courses in this pack will have you driving deep into Mario's Star and playing through the Rock-Candy Mines. Need even more star power? How about Rosalina as a playable character!

Release Date: June 19, 2014

Price: US$5.99 / CAN$6.49 / €5.99 / £5.39 / AUS$7.80 / ₽239

Blocks: 482


Character: Rosalina

Season Pass
Description: Can't decide what new courses and characters you want? You can get all three (as they are released) by buying a Season Pass! You'll also get the Gold Mario character to use immediately. If you buy all three packs separately, then you'll get Gold Mario when the Star Pack is released in June.

Release Date: Starts May 2, 2014 and downloads new courses and characters as they are released.


  • Until May 31, 2014: US$14.99 / CAN$16.49 / €11.99 / £10.79 / AUS$15.60
  • After May 31, 2014: US$14.99 / CAN$16.49 / €14.99 / £13.49 / AUS$20.90 / ₽599


  • First Wave: 489
  • Second Wave: 933 (including first wave)
  • Third Wave: 1373 (including first and second waves)


First Wave:

  • Toad Highlands: Toad Highlands from Mario Golf now graphically updated, for example with Toad-shaped hedges and Toad Houses.
  • Koopa Park: Koopa Park from Mario Golf now graphically updated, for example taking place at sunset and with Koopa Troopa balloons.

Second Wave:

Third Wave:


Free-Trial Course Pack

Release Date: May 2, 2014

Price: Free

Blocks: 370 (as of June 19, 2014)


Character: None


On April 17th, a demo of the game was released on the Nintendo eShop for Europe, making this strictly the second Mario game (preceded by Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) to have a publicly released demo for download. The demo was later released in North America on April 24. It uses 873 blocks when downloaded and offers ten uses (fifteen for the North American demo).

The demo lets the player go through a tutorial covering camera and shot control or play through either holes 1, 2, and 3 of Seaside Course, holes 1, 2, and 6 of Wiggler Park, and holes 1, 5, and 6 of Yoshi Lake. The demo also allows the player to play the Star Coin Collector mode on hole 9 of Peach Gardens, and the Ring Master mode on hole 14 of Mountain Course. The only playable characters available are Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser.

Critical reception

Mario Golf: World Tour has received generally positive reviews among critics. IGN gave the game a score of 8.6/10 (a "great" rating). They praised the game's learning curve, training options, large quantity of unlockables, and multiplayer, but criticized the map in Castle Club, saying it was "confusing".[1] Joystiq gave 3 stars out of 5, being more critical, while praising the basic gameplay and online options, criticizing the Castle Club for being sparse and dispensable and noting the safe, conservative approach to the game such as the uninspired environments.[2] Thomas Whitehead of Nintendo Life compared Mario Golf: Word Tour favorably to Mario Tennis Open. He praised the attention to detail that gives the game its charm, such as in Castle Club as well as its reasonable skill curve that allows both novice and expert players to enjoy the game. He gave the game a score of 9/10.[3] The game was scored 83% by Official Nintendo Magazine.[4] Mario Golf: World Tour currently averages a score of 78 out of a possible 100 on Metacritic.[5] Overall, the game was praised for its gameplay and graphics, but criticized for the lack of content in the Castle Club and, by some reviewers, for being too safe.

Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Brian Albert, IGN 8.6/10 "Mario Golf does a great job of showing you the ropes, and the challenges and multiplayer keep you coming back."
Andrew Hayward, Engadget 3/5 "Nintendo has already confirmed plans for an extensive slate of add-on courses, which should add some welcome variety into the mix. However, a bulk of extra locales won't make up for a lack of ambition on developer Camelot's part, as Mario Golf: World Tour – like Mario Tennis Open before it – takes a too-conservative approach, as if notching par was the only end goal."
Thomas Whitehead, Nintendo Life 9/10 "Whether you want to settle in for a 15 minute blast around some challenges, or a longer spell carefully constructing a new record score, this satisfies either desire. On top of that, it has possibly the most impressive online setup we've seen to date in a first-party Nintendo game."
Henry Gilbert, Gamesradar 4/5 "Mario Golf: World Tour may lack innovation, but it provides easy-to-grasp golfing fun and a slew of unique stages. It's a solid game that will keep you coming back for more."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 78
GameRankings 78.47%

References to other games

References in later games

  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: A trophy appears depicting Mario in his World Tour appearance.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: One of Peach's victory poses resembles her Hole-in-One/Eagle animation in World Tour, only without the parasol. Similarly, one of Daisy's victory poses resembles her Birdie animation.

Trophy description from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Name Image American English description British English description
Mario Golf: World Tour
Looks like Mario is really on his game today! Or he just sent his ball off the course and into the trees—it's hard to tell. Getting a ball out of the rough is part of golf! It adds a bit of adventure to the game, though the undersea course in this world tour probably adds more. Mario looks like he's having a good game here! Or maybe he's just whacked his ball out of sight and into the trees. It's anyone's guess, really. Well getting a ball out of the rough can still be fun. Things like that give the game a touch of adventure, which is something world tour is just full of—especially the underwater course!

Regional differences

In British English versions of Mario Golf: World Tour, the exclamation marks are missing from the animation for Birdie, Eagle, and Albatross. One is present in the Hole-in-One animation, however. Also, the Hole-in-One words that appear are different, the British English having "HOLE-IN-ONE!", whereas the American English version has "HOLE IN ONE!!", leaving out the dashes.

The character select screen also has multiple differences in the distance for each character, as the letters size vary for different versions, with the British English letters being bigger than the American English letters. The abbreviation for "Yards" is also different, with the American English version having "yd." and leaves a space between it and the number, whereas the British English region uses a "yd" abbreviation with no space between the numbers and letters.

Pre-release and unused content

Main article: List of Mario Golf: World Tour pre-release and unused content

In some pre-release screenshots, the animations for "Birdie" or "Bogey" had orange circles and letters, whereas in the final game, they're blue. The letters and wording was also different in the final version, with different colors, fonts and sizes. Many holes where different, either moved or changed completely. Dark transparent boxes were also added behind the wording of certain course information, and some things were moved to different parts of the screen.


Main article: List of Mario Golf: World Tour staff

Mario Golf: World Tour was created by staff at both Camelot and Nintendo, with localization teams from both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe also involved, the latter organization involving sixteen translators to bring the game to a variety of languages. Both Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo were involved as supervisors. Finally, while she was not listed in the game's credits, Kerri Kane portrayed Rosalina via recycled and previously unused voice clips from her earlier work on Mario Kart 7.[6]


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Main article: List of Mario Golf: World Tour quotes


  • "Nice on!"
  • "Wow! Nice Albatross!"
  • "Congratulations!"

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオゴルフ ワールドツアー
Mario Gorufu Wārudo Tsuā
Mario Golf: World Tour


  • Cheep Cheep Lagoon and Koopa Park are the only courses whose greens do not have square designs; instead, they use a wavy design and a hexagonal design respectively.
  • The course (and mode) music for this game continues after shots on the green and post-hole animations, unlike in previous games, where the music restarts when entering a new hole (there even being a tune for hole overviews).


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