Rock-Candy Mines (golf course)

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Rock-Candy Mines
Rock Mario Golf.png 
Location Rock-Candy Mines 
How to unlock Buy in Star Pack or Season Pass 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 72 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: World Tour

Rock-Candy Mines is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. The course is based on Boo Valley from Mario Golf, but was remade to be set in Rock-Candy Mines from New Super Mario Bros. U, and instead of roughs, it is replaced with rocks. It can be downloaded with Mario's Star and Rosalina in the Star Pack, or by getting the Season Pass. The course also has a lot of gaps, narrow passages, and rocky terrain (hence the name), so it is easy to accidentally hit the ball out of bounds. Bumpy greens can make it difficult to putt the ball in one or two strokes.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 RockCandyMines1.jpg 4 372 yards

340 meters

397 yards

363 meters

422 yards

386 meters

A hole that holds 2 bunkers, one almost near the Tee area, and one close to the Green. Center of the hole has a thin fairway, with rock surrounding the fairway.
2 Hole2Mines.jpg 4 400 yards

366 meters

425 yards

389 meters

450 yards

411 meters

A hole has about 20 areas that carry fairways. the 6 bunkers are separated into 2 even groups, the first 3 are on the large portion of the fairway, and the last 3 are near the Green.
3 Hole3Mines.jpg 5 525 yards

480 meters

550 yards

503 meters

575 yards

526 meters

A long hole that has more fairway area that is no where near the green, and a small fairway area near the green, alongside with a big or semi-large size bunker.
4 Hole4Mines.jpg 3 199 yards

182 meters

204 yards

187 meters

208 yards

190 meters

A short hole that holds no Fairway area, a bunker next to a green, and a large area of rock. Only hazards are water and Out-of-Bounds.
5 Hole5Mines.jpg 4 334 yards

305 meters

364 yards

333 meters

394 yards

360 meters

A hole that has a large percent of area of fairway near the Tee boxes, and a gap between the large fairway area and the area that holds Green.
6 Hole6Mines.jpg 4 411 yards

376 meters

435 yards

398 meters

458 yards

419 meters

A hole that has more fairway area near the Tee boxes than near the Green. This hole also has no bunkers as well.
7 RockCandyMines7.jpg 5 552 yards

505 meters

577 yards

528 meters

602 yards

550 meters

A long hole that holds 8 bunkers, and a large area of fairways. One of the bunker is a large circle that is close to the Green.
8 Hole8Mines.jpg 3 136 yards

124 meters

162 yards

148 meters

187 yards

171 meters

A short hole with the Green being a small area of the mine, and the fairway is being divided with the Green, as the bunker is in the center of the fairway area.
9 Hole9Mines.jpg 4 406 yards

371 meters

431 yards

394 meters

455 yards

416 meters

A hole In which, the fairway is acting like a pathway toward the Green; some of the fairway is divided by the rock. The fairway is average size near the Tee boxes, but gets thinner near the Green. Holds 3 bunkers, 2 near large portion of the fairway, and 1 near the Green.
10 RockCandyMines10.jpg 5 562 yards

514 meters

592 yards

541 meters

622 yards

569 meters

A long Hole with a vary large area of fairway near the Tee boxes, then the fairway path gets thinner as getting near the Green. It holds 4 bunkers over at the second area of Fairway, 3 of them are close or no where near the green, while one bunker is near Green.
11 RockCandyMines11.jpg 4 355 yards

325 meters

370 yards

338 meters

385 yards

352 meters

A hole with 4 fairway areas, which the first 3 are on the Tee box areas, and the one has a right turn to find the Green. there are 2 thin bunkers, one before the turn, and one near the green.
12 Hole12Mines.jpg 3 152 yards

139 meters

162 yards

148 meters

182 yards

166 meters

A short hole with a medium size fairway that homes a Green and 2 bunkers.
13 RockCandyMines13.jpg 4 405 yards

370 meters

425 yards

389 meters

445 yards

407 meters

A hole that has many turns based on the path of the fairway, the path turns left, then right, heading to the Green.
14 Hole14Mines.jpg 4 397 yards

363 meters

422 yards

386 meters

448 yards

410 meters

A hole that has a turn in the fairway area, which the path gets thin when heading to the Green. There are 3 bunkers, one bunker is where the fairway becomes thinner, and 2 bunkers near the Green.
15 Hole15Mines.jpg 3 170 yards

155 meters

180 yards

165 meters

191 yards

175 meters

A short hole with a small fairway area, which the fairway isn't surrounding the Green other than 2 bunkers and rock.
16 Hole16Mines.jpg 4 407 yards

372 meters

432 yards

395 meters

458 yards

419 meters

A hole that has a total of 7 areas. 5 of them have fairways while 2 areas are just the Tee box and the Green with 2 bunkers; which are the only bunkers present in this hole. Each of the 5 fairways are surrounding rock.
17 Hole17Mines.jpg 5 486 yards

444 meters

516 yards

472 meters

546 yards

499 meters

A long hole with rocks structured near the edges of some areas of this hole. With the rock structured, there is an option to make a turn of a little bigger fairway, or take a shortcut by swinging the ball through the rock structure.
18 Hole18Mine.jpg 4 369 yards

337 meters

395 yards

361 meters

421 yards

385 meters

A hole that is divided into 2 paths, the left path holds more fairway, and the right path holds 2 fairway areas, but the fairway is nearly a small area.


  • On Hole 5, if the player aims at a certain area of the rocks and presses X for the camera, the camera will be zoomed into the ground instead of taking a bird's eye view of the flight path of the golf ball. The camera will also be panning way too close to the rock or ground.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Russian Карамельные копи
Karamel'nyye kopi
Caramel Mine


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