Bowser's Castle (golf course)

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Bowser's Castle
Location Mario World 
How to unlock Collect 35 Star Coins 
Number of Holes
Par 36 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: World Tour

Bowser's Castle is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. There are many obstacles including Bob-ombs, Thwomps and Chain Chomps, similar to Bowser Badlands from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Like all Mario World courses, it is a nine hole Par 36 that includes two par 3's, five par 4's and two par 5's. Getting all the Star Coins for this course's challenges awards a Bowser costume, and completing a Character Costume Challenge here will earn the player Boo, Kamek, and Nabbit costumes.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 BowserCastle1.jpg 4 388 yards 408 yards 428 yards This hole has three fire-breathing statues on the edges of the fairway and a Bob-omb in the middle of the fairway. If a Bob-omb explodes close to a golf ball, the ball will be blasted to a different location.
2 BowserCastle2.jpg 4 412 yards 432 yards 450 yards There are several Chain Chomps sleeping near the fairway. If a golf ball nears one, the Chain Chomp will wake up.
3 BowserCastle3.jpg 4 393 yards 415 yards 435 yards There are several Thwomps that will crush golf balls that land under them. There is a hill to the right of the hole and two bunkers guarding the green.
4 BowserCastle4.jpg 3 124 yards 142 yards 162 yards This hole features multiple Boo-shaped islands in a water hazard. King Boo and regular Boos float in the air and the green is on one of the Boo-shaped islands.
5 BowserCastle5.jpg 5 551 yards 571 yards 591 yards This dogleg right hole is similar to the third hole, as it has Thwomps on the sides of the fairway and Bob-ombs in the middle.
6 BowserCastle6.jpg 4 340 yards 350 yards 370 yards This hole has multiple Bob-ombs in and around the fairway, and there is a river of lava to the right of the hole with an island with a bigger Bob-omb in the lake that the river forms.
7 BowserCastle7.jpg 3 144 yards 166 yards 188 yards Each of the tee boxes are placed on a Koopa Clown. The green also sits on a Koopa Clown. Lava sits below the Koopa Clowns, so if the ball misses the green it will end out of bounds.
8 BowserCastle8.jpg 4 337 yards 367 yards 397 yards This hole his a giant Bowser-shaped lava hazard in the middle of it. Two fairways go to either side of the hazard and up to the green.
9 BowserCastle9.jpg 5 532 yards 554 yards 576 yards This hole is surrounded by a giant lava lake on the left and smaller lava pools on the right. There are multiple Bob-ombs in the fairway and a small castle-like building that players can land balls on top of.