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Not to be confused with Tweester.
This article is about the item that appears in Mario Golf: World Tour. For the item in the Mario Kart series, see Tornado (Mario Kart Arcade GP).
A tornado that surrounds the golf ball.

First Appearance

Mario Golf: World Tour (2014)

Effect on Player

Increases ball distance and sucks up nearby coins.

The Tornado is an item that appears in Mario Golf: World Tour. When used, it creates a Tornado around the golf ball that gives it more distance and sucks up any close coins Star Coins and Moon Coins. Unlike the Bullet Bill, it will follow the path of the shot such as curving along with the ball for a fade or draw. It can be used in certain Challenges to collect both Star Coins and Moon Coins, sometimes being the only way of retrieving them. As well as collect coins, Tornadoes may also be used to generate more distance, allowing for better shots without the expense of changing clubs or sing a Power Shot.