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The map of Isle Delfino in the Guide Book as seen in Super Mario Sunshine, on which is displayed all major locations on the island that can be visited by Mario
“Welcome to Isle Delfino! Step right up and get yourself a free tourist map! Press the Z Button to view your map.”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

The Guide Book is a feature in Super Mario Sunshine that can be accessed by the player at any time by pressing Z Button on the GameCube Controller, or L Button on the Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It consists mainly of an interactive map of Isle Delfino, which displays all locations on the island as they are unlocked by the player as the game progresses. Each location on the map is represented by a flashing red dot (the name of each location is shown next to its respective dot), with the exception of Delfino Plaza, which is represented by a flashing red dot with a flashing red circle around it. In addition, the location on the map that Mario is currently in is always represented by an icon of Mario's face. In the beginning of the game, a black M Graffiti appears behind the red dot that represents Delfino Plaza, signifying Shadow Mario's negative influence on the island. As the events of the game progress, it gradually disappears; once all Shine Sprites are collected, it is gone completely.

When viewing the Guide Book, the player takes control of a small hand for navigation purposes. When the Guide Book is accessed, the hand is automatically positioned at the red dot that represents the location that the player is currently in. The player can use this hand to click on any of the ten different locations on the island that are displayed on the map by using the A Button button on the controller. After the player does so, a small informational box appears, showing a tourist-esque picture of the location to the left, along with a small description of the location to the right. Pressing the A Button button a second time removes the box from the screen.

Additionally, when the player positions the hand over a red dot, a bar at the bottom of the screen displays more information about the location, including the name of the location, the total number of Shine Sprites collected, the total number of hidden Shine Sprites (if any) collected, the total number of coins collected, and the total number of Blue Coins collected at that point in the game (the only exceptions to this are the Delfino Airstrip and Corona Mountain, for which are displayed only the total number of Shine Sprites collected and the total number of Blue Coins collected, respectively).

Aside from displaying location information to the player, the Guide Book also features information on some of the local species: specifically, Piantas and Nokis. If the player uses the navigational hand to click on the picture of the Noki shell and the Pianta (found next to Noki Bay and Pianta Village on the map, respectively), more informational boxes will appear, showing a picture of each species along with a brief description of it. Clicking on the red spiral-shaped sun at the top right of the map displays a picture and information for Shine Sprites, the origin of power for all of Isle Delfino.

Directly below the red spiral-shaped sun is a moving Shine Sprite icon marked with "Totals" and the flashing word "CLICK!" below it. Selecting this icon brings up a larger informational box, which displays all currently collected Shine Sprites and hidden Shine Sprites for every location in the game, as well as each location's highest coin score. A small section at the bottom of the box shows the current save file for the game, along with the total number of Shine Sprites collected in the game at the point at which it is accessed. Various other objects on the Guide Book map are also present, including palm trees, fish, a boat, and flowers, but none of these do anything when clicked on and, as such, are used only to decorate the map.

Guide Book information[edit]

The following is all of the information that can be viewed from the Guide Book:

Name Image Information
Delfino Airstrip Delfino Airstrip description in Super Mario Sunshine. A simple airstrip built on small islets in the waters near Delfino Plaza. Access to the mainland is via small boats.
Delfino Plaza Delfino Plaza.png Tourists get off the ferries here, in Isle Delfino's largest city. Attractions include the Shine Gate and Grand Pianta Statue.
Bianco Hills Bianco Hills.png This lush community of villas is located at the foot of Corona Mountain. Its famous windmills spin peacefully in the gentle sea breezes.
Ricco Harbor SMS GB Riccoharbor.png Isle Delfino's port city is home to boats of all sizes and a thriving tourist trade. The fish market has the freshest seafood for miles around.
Gelato Beach SMS GB Gelatobeach.png The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower.
Pinna Park Pinna Park The park boasts everything from a Roller Coaster to the Clam Cups. The view from the Ferris Wheel is magnificent.
Sirena Beach SirenaBeachGuide.png The gentle lapping of the sea accompanies spectacular sunsets and romantic dinners beneath starry skies. The four-star Hotel Delfino has it all.
Noki Bay Noki Bay. Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and three soaring towers resonate with mystic history.
Pianta Village Village High.png The ancestral home of the Piantas was built in a giant tree as protection against wild beasts. Giant mushrooms thrive beneath the village.
Corona Mountain Corona Card.png The hot spring at the foot of Isle Delfino's mountain is relaxing, but the lava caves, which open on the plaza, are forbidden for public safety.
Pianta: The Mountain People SMS GB Pianta.png These mountain folk are strong, sociable, and curious. The trees on their heads provide relief from the island's heat.
Noki: The Sea People SMS GB Noki.png Nokis wear vibrant seashells reminiscent of their time living in the coral reefs. They are timid but highly intellectual.
Origin of Power: Shine Sprite SMS GB Shinesprite.png The revered symbols of Isle Delfino normally gather at the Shine Gate. Their collective power sustains the island.
Totals TotalShines.png N/A


  • In the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of Super Mario Sunshine, prior to version 1.1.0, the Guide Book slowed down when closing and opening.[1]


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