Great Sunflower

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The Great Sunflower and a Sunflower Kid
“Hello! Doesn't the sunshine feel lovely?”
Great Sunflower, Super Mario Sunshine

The Great Sunflower is a giant sunflower located outside Pinna Park on the beach of Pinna Island only in Super Mario Sunshine. The Great Sunflower watches over the Sunflower Kids, but unlike them, the Great Sunflower is much larger and is brown in the middle instead of yellow. It also speaks differently when talked to or sprayed with water.

In Episode 4 of Pinna Park, Snooza Koopas start chewing up the park's resident sunflowers' roots. Mario then has to defeat the Snooza Koopas to rescue them from being wilted. The Great Sunflower rewards him with a Shine Sprite after his task was finally done.


  • In the Prima strategy guide for Super Mario Sunshine, the Great Sunflower is located in the boss section, even though it is an ally.