Shine Painting

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Shine Painting
A Blue Coin in Gelato Beach in the game Super Mario Sunshine.
The first Shine Painting in Gelato Beach
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Effect Reveals a blue coin or Shine Sprite when sprayed with water

Shine Paintings,[1] also referred to as Star Paintings,[2] are invisible outlines forming the shapes of Shine Sprites in Super Mario Sunshine. They come in different colors and sizes, usually found in the sand and in walls. Mario can spray an outline with FLUDD to reveal it and unearth whatever is below it. Despite a Shine Painting forming the shape of a Shine Sprite, fully revealing an outline, excluding the case of the mission Shine Sprite in the Sand, usually reveals a blue coin.

Said secret mission in Delfino Plaza is entirely centered around locating the area of a small outline on the beach, found shortly east of where the lighthouse stands. After Mario sprays the outline, the image is also filled and colored in, sprouting an actual Shine Sprite from it. Once the Shine Sprite has been collected, from this point on, the image remains fully displayed on the shore.

Four large tan outlines are spread out along Gelato Beach. All of them can be found in any mission, excluding one in the first mission. These outlines are found near the Sand Cabana, between the peninsula and Sand Cabana, near the Surf Cabana, and in the center of the peninsula, respectively. Fully revealing each of these outlines shoots out a blue coin for Mario to collect.

Two smaller blue outlines can be found on the beach of Pinna Park in any episode. They are both found in front of the Sunflower Kids, and filling each of them in rewards Mario with a blue coin.

There is another hidden blue outline on the wall next to the tower in Ricco Harbor—filling it in gives Mario another blue coin.

A final blue outline can be found in one of the bedrooms of Hotel Delfino, in certain episodes. Mario must sneak in and reveal the outline in the blank portrait to receive a final blue coin.



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