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A water rocket
“You have obtained a water rocket! Use it to pop balloons!”
FLUDD, Super Mario Sunshine

Water rockets (alternatively parsed as Water Rockets)[1] are missile-like items found in Super Mario Sunshine. They appear in only two episodes in Pinna Park, and they can be collected at various set intervals only while Mario is riding the Roller Coaster in the park. When collected, water rockets automatically attach to the end of FLUDD's Squirt Nozzle, at which point they can be aimed and fired. When launched, water rockets fire out of the Squirt Nozzle via a jet of pressurized water vapor, similar to the way that Mario is blasted into the air by the Rocket Nozzle. Only one water rocket can be used at a time; if Mario runs into any more before firing one that is equipped, they will not be collected. In Episode 1 of Pinna Park, water rockets are used in the fight against Mecha-Bowser. Mario must avoid multiple Bullet Bills fired by Mecha-Bowser and hit the robot with water rockets four times (water rockets can also be used to destroy Bullet Bills). In Episode 8, water rockets are used to pop 20 large balloons shaped like Bowser Jr.'s head.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボトルロケット
Botoru Roketto
Bottle Rocket
French Lance-fusée[2] Rocket launcher


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