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Species Pianta
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
“Leisure is a big part of life, my boy! But so's work! It's about time for me to head for home in my private helicopter. As for you, you keep up the good work. You're a spunky one!”
Captain, Super Mario Sunshine

The captain[1] is a Pianta who appears to be the boss of the sailors and workers at Ricco Harbor. During Super Mario Sunshine, he appears at a different area of Ricco Harbor in each episode set there.

When Gooper Blooper returns to Ricco Harbor to cause more trouble in Episode 5, the captain sends Mario to dispose of it while he waits from a safe distance. Later in Episode 6, the captain takes all the credit for defeating Gooper Blooper, causing an overly gullible worker to call him a hero.

The captain can also be found at Gelato Beach, but only in three episodes. He is first seen at the smoothie bar in the Surf Cabana, where he asks Mario "Haven't we met somewhere before? So familiar..." and then encourages him to defeat the Wiggler. He later shows up as one of the spectators waiting at the finish line for the race with Il Piantissimo, and participates in the watermelon contest during the Watermelon Festival. Apparently, he tricks one of the other contestants into switching watermelons with him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マドロスモンテ[2]
Madorosu Monte
Sailor Pianta (Japanese madorosu is from Dutch matroos)


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