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The Buckies from Super Mario Sunshine, located at Pinna Park.
Mario facing the Buckies in Pinna Park
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Species Noki

The Buckies are characters in Super Mario Sunshine. They are a trio of female Nokis who refer to themselves as Ducky, Plucky, and Lucky. Ducky is a red Noki, Plucky is a blue Noki, and Lucky is a green Noki. They are found in Pinna Park, usually gathered by the most recently added or adjusted attraction and commenting on it. Notably, they are usually set up near the shell flautist at the front of the amusement park. Ducky leads them as newly-formed idols.[1]

For most of the episodes, the Buckies are set up on the Clam Cups, with the flautist in the center. They comment on the fun the attraction has to offer and find it strange the park is relatively empty. However, each one seems to be focused on something else. In episode seven, Ducky remains at the Clam Cups, while Plucky and Lucky move with the flautist to the Yoshi-Go-Round. For the final episode, they appear at the entrance, lined up in front of the flautist. They now claim the Roller Coaster is the best attraction there is to offer, something all of them agree on.

The Nokis who appear in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers most directly resemble the designs of the Buckies, as they are all female, with similar color palettes and shell shapes.




  • "La la la! Lalalalala! I'm Ducky of the Buckies! Hee hee!"
  • "Clam Cups are the funnest ever!"
  • "The Roller Coaster is now the funnest ever!"
  • "Finally, we have guests! I’m so happy!"


  • "La dee la! Dah dah! I'm Plucky of the Buckies! Ha ha!"
  • "This clam is closed! Is that weird?"
  • "The Roller Coaster is the best of the best!"
  • "I'm pretty exhausted…How long do we have to work, anyway?"


  • "Wah dee dah! Wah! I'm Lucky of the Buckies! Wah ha!"
  • "Where are all of the guests?"
  • "The Roller Coaster is the rockingest!"
  • "Pffthh! That director is probably watching us from somewhere!"

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese バッキーズ

Italian Sorelle Maimai[2]
Maimai sisters


Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイマイ

Italian Maimai/Lola Noki[2]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミルミル

Italian Milmil[2]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese マキマキ

Italian Makimaki[2]


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