Sunglasses vendor

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Sunglasses vendor
Sunshine Sunglasses Vendor.png
Sunshine Sunglasses Vendor 2.png
Species Pianta
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“Hey! Sun shades alone just won't cut it for you. Nope! You also need one of my custom tropical shirts. Here you go!”
Sunglasses vendor, Super Mario Sunshine

The sunglasses vendor[1] is a Pianta found in Super Mario Sunshine. He gives Mario sunglasses after the player has collected a total of 30 Shine Sprites. The sunglasses have no apparent function besides slightly darkening the screen, thereby reducing the bright effects of the sunlight. After Bowser is defeated, the vendor also outfits Mario with a sky-blue shirt with small Shine Sprite images printed on it. The shirt serves only an aesthetic purpose. Mario automatically receives both items when he speaks to the sunglasses vendor; he cannot, therefore, receive one without the other. Mario can return the sunglasses and shirt to the Pianta at any time by speaking to him a second time.

In Delfino Plaza, the sunglasses vendor is located on the small expanse of beach to the east, sitting under an umbrella. He can also be found at some point in every other location on Isle Delfino except Sirena Beach and Noki Bay. Usually, he is positioned near the beginning of a level. Pinna Park is the only level in the game to have the sunglasses vendor appear in two places; he can be encountered on the beach and inside the park. Though the sunglasses vendor is found in Pianta Village, he does not give Mario sunglasses during any of the level's episodes that take place at night.

Through an update released in February 2018 in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can receive the outfit and sunglasses (which are solely cosmetic).

A variant of Mario wearing the sunglasses and outfit, called Mario (Sunshine), appears as a playable driver in Mario Kart Tour, starting with the 2020 Los Angeles Tour.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Palmense con gli occhiali da sole[2]
Pianta with sunglasses



  1. ^ "As Mario recovers the scattered Shine Sprites, the sun over Isle Delfino slowly recovers its strength and gets gradually brighter. If you've got sensitive eyes, search out the sunglasses vendor in Delfino Plaza." – Instruction booklet, Super Mario Sunshine
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