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Mario preparing to enter the Turbo Track
Mario jumping from the starting area onto the next platform

The Turbo Track[1], also called Police Action Stations[2], is a secret level in Super Mario Sunshine. It is found in Delfino Plaza. To get there, Mario must obtain the Turbo Nozzle and go to the left of the fruit bazaar, where the Isle Delfino Police are. Then, Mario must charge up the Turbo Nozzle and break down the double doors in between the police. This will teleport Mario to the Turbo Track.

This area is made of big floating platforms in the sky, set up in a straight line. Mario will appear on a grassy platform with water fountains that will replenish F.L.U.D.D.'s water meter. To complete the level, Mario must charge up the Turbo Nozzle and dash to the end of the grassy platform. When he reaches the edge, Mario must jump, still spraying the Turbo Nozzle to go faster. If done correctly, Mario will land on the next platform. After doing this a few more times, Mario will go up a grassy ramp and jump at the end. Mario will land on a small platform, and must jump one last time to reach the final platform with the Shine Sprite floating above it.

This level was designed with the Turbo Nozzle in mind, but it can be completed using either the Hover Nozzle or Rocket Nozzle too. Mario must stop at the right time to break the doors of the Police station without entering the level. Then he can go get the Hover or Rocket Nozzle, and return to the entrance with either of them equipped.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Stazioni di polizia in azione[3] Police stations in action


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