Red Coins of the Pirate Ships

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Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
Pinna Park
Location Pinna Park
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Red Coins of the Pirate Ships is the third episode of Pinna Park in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to collect the eight red coins around the Pirate Ship ride.


For this episode, there are eight red coins placed on and around the Pirate Ship ride in Pinna Park. When collecting the ones on the Pirate Ships, the player needs to time their jumps as the ships swing; every third swing will be a full rotation around the bar they are hanging from. Collecting all eight red coins will cause the Shine Sprite to appear at the top of a ramp platform above the Pirate Ships. The platforms around the Pirate Ships can be hung on from underneath and can be reached by using the second Pirate Ship to jump onto a cage nearby. The locations of the red coins are:

  • On top of the stairs, leading to the Pirate Ships.
  • Two are on the Pirate Ships themselves.
  • Under a mesh platform with the Red Electrokoopas.
  • Under a mesh platform coming out of the cage box.
  • On top of the cage.
  • Underneath the tall ramp.
  • At the top of the ramp, near where the Shine Sprite will appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいぞくせんの あかコイン
Kaizoku-sen no Aka Koin
Red Coins of the Pirate Ships

French (NOE) Pièces rouges et pirates
Red Coins and Pirates
German Rote Dukaten im Piratenschiff
Red Ducats in the Pirate Ship
Italian Le monete rosse delle navi pirata
The Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
Spanish (NOE) Las Monedas Rojas de los barcos
The Red Coins of the Ships