The Red Coin Fish

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The Red Coin Fish
Location Noki Bay
Mission # 8
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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The Red Coin Fish is the eighth episode of Noki Bay in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to enter the underwater cavern once more and collect the red coins.


Upon entering the level, the Noki grandson will provide Mario with the helmet, then tell him to talk to his grandfather at the top of the mountain. The elder will say that he and the other Nokis want to reward Mario for helping to clean their bay. Diving into the waterfall once again will bring Mario to the underwater cavern.

The Coin Fish is composed of all eight of the red coins and several yellow coins. The player has to collect all eight red coins while collecting the yellow coins to avoid running out of air. Occasionally, the Coin Fish will split apart, sending its remaining coins in several directions before coming back together a few seconds later. Once all the red coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear at the bottom of the cavern.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインフィッシュと あかコイン
Koin Fisshu to Aka Koin
Coin Fish and Red Coins

French (NOE) Le poisson "pièce" rouge
The Red "Coin" Fish
German Der Fisch und die roten Münzen
The Fish and the Red Coins
Italian Il pesce di monete rosse
The Fish of Red Coins
Spanish (NOE) El pez de Monedas Rojas
The Fish of Red Coins


  • In this episode, if the player collects 100 coins in Noki Bay, the Shine Sprite will spawn on the curvature of the orange shell, rather than on top like the other Noki Bay episodes.